Welcome Home Stevie

Many months ago the Boy asked what he got if we got engaged.  I got a ring.  Didn’t he deserve a present too? I told him that his present was me… for life.   He seemed to think that wasn’t a fair trade-off – I’m pretty sure I kicked him.

He seemed to think that if I got a ring, then he should get something he had been lusting over and dreaming about too.  A new TV.  I agreed, secretly thinking – yeah right you’ll get one when we register for it and someone gets it for us, we can’t get a new TV right now – we’re getting married!

Fast forward through engagement and the Boy comes to his senses and agrees, there are other things we could spend that money on right now.

But then. Then I came up with a plan.

Christmas! The Boy, is a boy. Which is to say he’s not the easiest to shop for. He’s a giant, so clothes are hard to fit – (though we recently discovered JCrew Tall – my world is completely changed).  He likes sports but he got new golf clubs a year ago (everything has to be custom with this kid – I picked an expensive mate).  He loves his Lululemon sweat pants, but I don’t think we should encourage him to wear them any MORE than he already does. So his parents typically have a hard time coming up with something for him. Since I knew this was something that he really wanted, and I would like it too – though wouldn’t call it a priority right now, we agreed to tell his parents to help us with our TV fund for Christmas.

It was a great idea! It was something that we would both like, but wouldn’t buy for ourselves.  The parents liked it too since that is some easy Christmas shopping. Christmas came and went and we ended up with a nice chunk of change to put toward our new TV. (Thanks again guys!)

A few days after Christmas we hit the stores.  Well, I hit the stores.  I looked around but had strict instructions from the Boy, “don’t buy anything I want to be there.”  A couple of days after that we hit the stores together.  I thought since we were shopping for something the Boy had been thinking about for a while he would be all over it.  He’d be well researched and know exactly what he was looking for.  WRONG.  The Boy shopped for a TV the same way he shops for everything, goes into a store selling the item he’s looking for, looks around, doesn’t ask questions, doesn’t pick anything up, doesn’t try anything on.  Looks around and shrugs “Yup, they’ve got _______ here.  We can go now.”  And leaves.  It is quite possibly the most frustrating experience ever. I do not recommend it.

We started at Costco, but the Boy felt we didn’t have adequate TV education to make a decision there… shopping around would be the sensible thing. So we went across the street to Best Buy and asked the guy there to teach us about TVs.  He told us the difference between Plasma and LCD, 1080p and anything less, and we learned about 60Hz and 120Hz.  And when we heard all there was to hear, I turned to the Boy to ask him what he thought now, he answered “I don’t know.  I still don’t know anything about TVs.” When I asked what more he would like to know, he said “I don’t know.  Let’s go somewhere else.” So we shopped around, to EVERY possible store that might sell TVs.  The last place we ended up was a sketchy rental place and found ourselves asking if they have any TVs for sale.  They did.  They had a 50″ LG Plasma for $525.

The first thing I thought was 50″ is WAY too big, especially in our tiny little apartment.  The second was I’m pretty sure these TVs are stolen.  The first thing the Boy thought? “Sold.”

After a great debate in the sketchy stolen goods store, we left to go home and discuss it more.

I won. Too sketchy and too big.

Last week we finally made it back to Best Buy to get the TV that fit our budget and met all of the recommendations that the internet and our original Best Buy information session told us, and of course the one I had picked in the first place.

We brought it home and the Boy insisted we set it up instantly (rather than eating dinner first and doing it later).  All set up, looking beautiful and the Boy went to tuck any wires neatly away when he stood up – BANG! CRASH! BLAM! He hit his head on the shelf we have above, a picture frame fell forward knocking an open oil defuser, which fell forward and just missed ruining our brand new TV by about 6 inches.

It smelled like potent fresh rain in our house, and we had perfume headaches for two days.  But we now have a lovely 40″ LCD 120Hz TV.   I took a cue from Friends, and named it Stevie.  Welcome to the family Stevie the TV!!

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  1. J and I have that “what do I get” conversation all the time. I tried the whole “you get me” thing, too. He didn’t buy it.

    Once I said to him…why don’t you just marry me already! His response…where’s my ring? He’s decided that he wants a Rolex as an engagement/wedding present. Not just any Rolex…one that’s like $12,000. Ha. HA. HA HA. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    That was pretty much my response. I can’t afford that…unless he’d like me to sell a kidney!

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