YouTube Friday

In keeping with the rest of the week I thought I’d end off with a great Boy story for you, followed by a YouTube video that saved me at LEAST $100 I’m sure.

On Wednesday the Boy called me at work and asked if I would meet him at our local Starbucks to switch cars.  I agreed – no problem. He asked what my plans were for the evening since I would be on my own.  I said I was going to go see a guy about a phone… an iPhone that is!

With the Boy’s new job he needs a cell phone. The Boy has never had a cell phone.  But to accept supply teaching jobs he needs to be at the ready and at a phone – which means quit being stubborn and get with the 21st Century and get his very first cell phone.

The Boy asked why I was looking into phones now – he doesn’t need one for another 3 weeks! I said that my phone is crap. Not only is it crap but I pay $90 a month for it.  Can you believe that? So ridiculous! So I figured if the Boy needs a phone in 3 weeks and we can get a family plan for $100/month for BOTH of us – let’s just get on that as soon as possible.

He somewhat agreed and said I could “look into it.”  Meanwhile, we needed to meet at 4:30.

4:30 came.  I went to my car.  I turned the key and I heard clickclickclickclickclick and nothing.


My car won’t start. But since the lights worked I didn’t think it was the battery.

Wouldn’t it be great if the Boy had a cell phone so I could call him and let him know I was having car trouble?

No such luck.

So instead I used a human cell phone and sent my lovely friend from ahandmadestory over to our meeting place to send the Boy and his mechanical skills over to me.  Love that girl.  She graciously agreed.  Thanks again lady!

The Boy arrived and this is what happened:

Boy: What’s wrong?

Me: The car won’t start.  It just clicks, but the lights come on.

Boy: Keys?

I handed them over and the Boy tried his magic touch.  But no such luck.  Still only clicking. Boy popped the hood and tightened some things.

Boy: Try it again.


Me: Do you want to boost it? I have cables.

Boy: Nope. I think it’s the starter.  I’ve gotta go.  You need to take the bus. Okay? Gotta go. Bye!

And he left. He LEFT! Can you believe it?

Luckily my boss likes me and drove me home in the -20C weather.

Thursday the Boy calls me from work and says he asked the mechanic at work, he says to try and boost it. (Hmm… isn’t that what I said?)

I called Toyota.  Conveniently my work is a block away from the Toyota dealership.  Inconveniently that particular Toyota doesn’t have any kind of roadside help, and my car was too old for that to still be covered under warranty. Blast. They suggested trying to boost it.  If it worked, bring it right over.  If it didn’t I would need to call a tow-truck.

When Laura gave me her extra jumper cables the night before she said “I have an extra set, but I have no idea how to use them.  Try and find a man to help me is my strategy.”  Well, I called a man and he said “it’s broken and I’ve got to go.” I was done relying on men.

So I relied on YouTube! I taught myself. And because this is such an important skill, and because 3 men watched me do it myself with the assistance and moral support of two of my female coworkers – I’m passing it on!

This isn’t the one I found – but turns out YouTube is GREAT for this kind of thing.

The best part is at the end when your car starts (and mine did – turns out it was just the battery and not the starter) you can celebrate and yell


And you’ll be safer for it.

And after that… you can go and find yourself and your Boy iPhones! And stop paying so much for your cell phone bill. Hurray!


2 responses

  1. He left you??? Not good Boy! What were you thinking?

    J once let me drive from the city to the ‘burbs in a car that he knew (and I didn’t) had a bad alternator. I broke down on the side of the highway, alone, with a dead cell phone. It was awesome. I wanted to kill him. When I finally reached him…after the tow truck driver charged my cell in his truck for me…I told him what was happening and instead of taking a cab to meet me where I was he said “Wow, that sucks.” He was so close to being a dead man.

    I hope your car is fixed now!

    • Boy says – “I had to go to work!” He still doesn’t get it. The best part is that I find it funny and not worth the argument since I was perfectly safe, and not stranded on the side of the highway.

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