Continued looking… but then I stopped.

When we left off yesterday I had a favourite dress at Beckers and was getting to know my wedding dress style.  But I had another appointment waiting so I continued looking.

Next stop – Ritche’s another long-standing Toronto store. I met with a young consultant who asked me all kinds of questions and as I was now a pro at this – I actually had some answers.  I knew I had a tendency to like lighter fabrics.  Raw silk and organza.  She asked about toule and I said I hadn’t tried a toule dress (picturing ballerina bottom) and she said she had some things in mind, would pull some options and from there she would get an idea of what I was looking for.

Dress after dress had something I hated.  The toule dress? Wasn’t a ballerina skirt but a satin dress that was vomiting out toule in the bottom on only one side.  I saw giant bows, weird cuts on me, dresses with not enough in the boobs area.  And very. very. traditional.  They looked like wedding dresses – like the thousands of wedding dresses you see on TV – pretty, but not different.  Not unique. Not me. And NOT what I told her I was looking for. I was polite. I told her I liked the shapes, and told her the parts about the different dresses that I liked but none of them were for me. She continued to tell me how we could change a dress I didn’t like into something I did.  I was thinking with so many possibilities in this world – why on Earth would anyone start changing a dress to make it something it’s not.

I tried on one of the ones I had tried at Becker’s earlier.  A pick from my sister that I would have loved if I was having a more city wedding.  But I’m not. I tried it on again so Mom #2 could see. See look how pretty! At the end she brought me one raw silk dress.  It was cute and had pockets! (You may have to put in Style #4004). I love pockets in a dress.  LOVE THEM. But it didn’t do up and she wasn’t great about clamping the dress to my bra so I could get an idea of what it would look like.  All in all I was glad I kept the appointment – it was definitely helping me confirm my gut feelings. BTW the consultant I had at Ritche wrote down the designers of the two I liked but the style numbers she gave me were the store’s numbers not the designers.  This is very sneaky.  I didn’t realize until right now when I was trying to look them up.  I don’t like that.

At this point my sista’s words of wisdom was “You should cancel your appointment for tomorrow and go back to Becker’s.”  I didn’t listen.

Instead I went for the most delicious dinner in the whole world at Aqua Grill in Aurora. OMG so good.

Up at 6:30 for my follow-up MRI from my biopsy issues this summer – all is well no worries.  Picked up my Mom for a 10:00am appointment at Elmwood Brides in Aurora.

Here I met a lovely consultant Kristen.  She asked me a few questions, led me to their gown room, and told me to pull dresses I liked.  Big problem.  There were a lot that I liked the look of.  The dresses they had here – lot’s of Paloma Blanca dresses… lots with pockets! I tried on a HUGE ballroom dress that I was really intrigued by.  BEAUTIFUL but not me.  After dismissing most of the dresses I picked myself, Kristen went to work and pulled a bunch for me including Paloma Blanca 4152.  At this point I was not in love with anything.  When she zipped up this dress my response was “Congratulations Kristen, you’ve given me something to think about.” She was happy with that.  She left me to think about it (appreciated) and went to pull more.  I decided that while both my Mom and the Consultant said I had nothing to be self-conscious about I would feel very uncomfortable in that dress. It’s such a smooth front and smooth lines that I would be second guessing every single calorie from now until Sept 10. Not only that, but what if I ate too much on W-Day (unlikely I know) would I have a food baby in this dress? The stress was too much and the thought of standing the entire night with my hands clasped around my tummy was too much.  I moved on, but not before I decided if I was ever invited to a Presidential Ball, I would be back for it in another colour.

I tried a few more with wonderful pockets that I loved.  But I mostly just loved the pockets.  Then she pulled this dress.  While I immediately HATED the giant bow and still do – hideous, I did start questioning my W-Day vision.  Mom loved this dress.  Mom thought it was wonderful “I love the back!” and I thought it was a beautiful dress, minus the bow of course.  The question was did I want to be a princess? Or did I want to be comfortable? Did I want to be stunning in a traditional WOW way? Or stunning in a Meaghan way?  And did I want to carry around this VERY heavy dress?

In the end I stayed true to my W-Day vision and decided to be the most beautiful me I could be. We went to the car and I told my mom my decision.  We were going back to Becker’s.  I told her why I liked what is now My Dress.  She agreed.  I held up my hand to high-five making one more BIG decision.  Mom returned my five…. and burst into tears.

We called Becker’s and were told that the designer’s daughter was there taking measurements all day, so if we could make it down that would be best.  We grabbed ourselves a road-Chai Tea Latte and headed back town to Toronto to say “Yes” to the dress. I didn’t cry – Mom did of course.  But I definitely had “the feelings.”

Lot's of dresses but not too overwhelming

We took pictures – no you can’t see. And I let the lovely ladies there know I was a blogger and would definitely send some shout outs their way.  Here they are: if you are a Toronto bride – head to Becker’s I found their staff the most knowledgeable and professional.  Ask for Roza because she is THE BEST EVER and TOTALLY AWESOME!  And try on their in-house designer dresses by Barbara Allin.  I said I would reference her site too but she’s very private about her designs and doesn’t have one.  You just have to go and see her.

At Chester Station - you can't miss it!


3 responses

  1. OMG – DYING!!! I have to know which dress you chose! I cannot wait until September. You are killing me.

    I love a dress with pockets too. When I clicked on that picture I said…oooh, pockets.

    For the record…I support your decision to be stunning in your own personal Meaghan way. You don’t want to regret anything that day and you want to have fun. And you want to look at your pictures and recognize yourself. Good for you!

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