Sometimes a Girl’s got to Apologize

The Boy and I got new iPhones last week.  I’m truly in love. We’ve been having lots of fun texting each other on the couch, having Facetime conversations while sitting right beside each other, and setting special ring tones for each other. When the Boy texts me I’ve chosen Choo Choo – I was thinking of the cartoons when Pepe la Pew is in love with the cat and a whistle appears above his head… the Boy said “Oh like Steamwhistle” (his favourite beer).   To each their own I guess.

The Boy has never had a cell phone – he’s slightly addicted.  He loves the full keyboard so his texting skills have VASTLY improved.  And I loved that this weekend when he was away I was able to send him a simple goodnight message and I got an “I love you” in return.  Sweet.

And then there’s the funny conversations. Like on Monday when we discussed grocery shopping, and the Boy decided he didn’t want to come but did have some requests:

  • Pop
  • Chips
  • Popcorn
  • Vachon cakes
  • Anything else good
  • Hamburger buns
  • Bok Choy

My response – Hamburger buns?

His – Yes

Me – Why?

His – For Hamburgers

Me – You’re going to BBQ? (he hasn’t done so in months since it’s so cold… you can understand my confusion)

Him – no response.

I laughed to myself at the odd combination of garbage food, hamburger buns and bok choy, and went about my merry way. As I was scouring the aisles for everything we needed I got a series of late requests.  Veggie dip and sour cream. And we mutually decided on what to have for dinner. Fajitas!

Then I got home.  I sent him a message when I was close – “Nearly there – need help” and when I was in the driveway, “Finally home help please.” and I made the first trek upstairs to find him lying on the couch. Anger reared its head. I went back downstairs and got the rest, stomped upstairs and thanked him for all the great help.  (There may have been a hint of sarcasm).

When he asked what was wrong I said – “You can send me messages all night long when you’ve got requests but when I ask you to help me suddenly you’re not answering your phone?” His response “I’m sorry I fell asleep!”  BAH.

We argued a little more – I’ll spare the details, I got over it and we made dinner.  He sent me a text message appology.  I laughed to myself at his iPhone addiction.

But then all night long he bothered me.  We talked about a trip we’re planning, and money, and the wedding. And while he was annoying me, and that’s okay it happens, I was completely over-reacting.  So I gave myself a time out and went to bed to read at 9:15.  Unfortunately, I think this came across as me being even more bitchy and mad. And I was mad… but mostly with myself for being such a crazy person.

I finished my book last night One Day by David Nicholls and the ending without spoiling it is just heartbreaking.  It talks about how we can’t fathom the rest of our lives because they are made up of so many individual days.  We can’t live like we’re dying everyday – there’s far too much to do and if I was dying tomorrow I would not have spent an hour and a half in a grocery store today… but sometimes you’ve just got to do that stuff.  But it did make me think I can take the live like you’re dying concept about being my best self – especially with the most important people in my life.

So I’m apologizing to the Boy AGAIN for being such a crazy person.  I’m really sorry. You are awesome and deserve my best.  I can’t promise it won’t happen again – it probably will… maybe even tomorrow – but I’m going to try and take off my grumpy pants whenever I walk in the door. And if I’m tipping the scale toward crazy, feel free to send me for another time out.

Maybe we should work that into our vows somehow?

How do you know when you need to apologize?


4 responses

  1. Your story sounds too familiar to me. I’ve literally had the same squabbles, the same feelings, and the same post-squabble remorse. Good to know someone is on the same page!

  2. Oh my god you make me feel so normal, you sound so like me it’s scary. I do that time out thing where I just need some space to chill out and then I realise I look like I’m in a huff. I never get round to appologising though, usually my boy appologises even when he’s not done anything – then I feel so bad.

    I’m about to start that book too, glad you enjoyed it and it made you think about your life.

    Have a lovely evening,

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