YouTube Friday

This week I took a stumble.  Not really a stumble – a full out fall and sprawl.

I have a history of being a bit clumsy/accident prone.  It usually happens when I’m trying extra hard to be careful.

This time – I just wasn’t paying attention.

I was leaving my appointment with our photographer (Check! A post on that next week – I ran out of days this week!) I sort of slipped on the ice, kind of tripped over the slope of the sidewalk, and may have flat out fallen over my own feet.

I hurt my knee. I hurt my ankle.  I quickly gathered my stuff and check to see that no one was staring at me sprawled out on the sidewalk.  I was reminded of the time I was running for the subway and ended up sprawled out across the empty platform while the subway doors binged closed and off the passengers went – watching me sprawled out on the floor. This was less embarrassing since no one was there. I got myself to the car and yelled OW!!!

Today my knee is still scrapped, my ankle feels better, but my ass is killing me!

A knee on it's own looks really weird doesn't it? Pay no attention - just note the red and purpleyness

So to celebrate my clumsiness I give you a compilation of falling:

And a possible solution to help me get around without getting hurt (Thanks Lynn this made me smile yesterday!)


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  1. I can be a bit clumsy as well and took a good fall the other day! It’s not that I go falling all the time but every once in a while I take a REALLY good one! Usually in front of lots of people and it’s usually quite dramatic. My most memorable is falling down marble stairs in New York City on the 4th of July. I literally rolled down, hit each step, and made a squeaky “ooh” sound each time. My brother was laughing so hard because he said I sounded like a monkey! No one helped, just laughed… lol! Glad you are ok!

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