YouTube Friday

Meet Miss Faith.

She loves oranges, and I work with her.

Miss Faith is a great story teller and has pretty much the most hilarious sense of humour I have ever come across.  She thinks the strangest things are funny… or scary for that matter… but mostly funny.

Sometimes there are things that most people find clever or worthy of a chuckle; these same things will have Miss Faith rolling on the floor with laughter.  And the best part? She brings you with her! When Miss Faith tells you a story she is enjoying it so much that you can’t help but be right there with her – sides splitting your abs will hurt for days.

To give you an example I’ll tell you a little story.  On Friday’s there are very few people in our office, and last Friday Miss Faith used the Page All feature on our phone system, you know the one in case of emergency, to tell us all in a VERY serious voice “Attention all staff.  The time is now 4:25pm, work will be over in 5 minutes.  Please stop what you are doing, turn off your computers and be ready to leave promptly by 4:30. Thank you.”  She hung up.  I burst out laughing as I hear her in hysterics in her office screaming, “I ALWAYS WANTED TO DO THAT!”

Maybe there was something in her water bottle on Friday because earlier that same day she was retelling an orange juice commercial and could barely get it out since it was SO FUNNY! I can’t even begin to do her story-telling justice.  I can only tell you that after hearing her try to explain it, and then watching both commercials on YouTube we were all in stitches.

So in honour of Miss Faith I give you Florida Orange Juice 2011 commercials.  Miss Faith wanted to be famous and apparently that means being on my blog.  I can’t possibly do her justice.  But I can tell you – I heart her.

This is the one she related to the most

And just for you Miss Faith – I found one more…


Happy Friday – beat the blahs by drinking some OJ


2 responses

  1. I thought you were joking about this.. I am so embarrassed. How could you? Lol..Lol..

    Girl, I am so honored to be featured in your blog this week. You are soooo crazy and I love it (you made my weekend) Moelee hearts you and the boy ( I sound like Elmo)..I love Elmo!!

    We were actually speaking about you both just last night (I swear approx 9:10pm. I remember the time because we were trying to catch the LCBO before closing). Not sure why you both popped into my head then..Oh well still processing.

    Thanks again for the shout out!

    Nuff props girl!! (Jamaican slang)

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