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Have you noticed the trend yet? In an effort to keep you lovely readers interested, and to not be a crazy wedding-obsessed bride, I’ve been trying to only blog about wedding stuff every other week.  The small flaw with this plan is by the time the next W-week comes – there is SO much to talk about.  That, and I have noticed that my life is slowly being taken over by all things wedding.  So last week, I only had knitting to talk about – because that’s what I do now.  Plan and Knit. Plan and Knit.

But I digress, to kick off this week’s Wedding Week – Photography! We actually booked our photographer last Wedding Week – but it was on Wednesday, I already had DIY Yarn Balls to talk about and then it was YouTube Friday – so it had to wait.

Here’s how we made the decision:

The to do lists on the wedding websites were stressing me out.  Still are actually.  They want me to have all of the pros booked and signed a month ago. So I was getting a little anxious about photography.  When we first got engaged I sent an email to a photographer that had taken family pictures for us a year ago, to check his availability.  He put some dates on hold for us, but then we looked at venues for 2 months so I didn’t talk to him again for a while.  We booked our venue and had Christmas and exhaled over the holidays – which means we put all of those lists and pros out of our heads.

But denial couldn’t last forever we needed to book a photographer. I hit the wedding shows.  I hit the blogs.  I started to get an idea of what I liked and what I  didn’t and then I went on referrals.

One of the referrals we had was a the daughter-in-law of a friend of my parents.  Lauren of Gemini Photography does about 6 weddings a year, but she aims for a candid comfortable style.  She does the shots you need of posing nicely with Grandma, but she keeps things light and fun.  If you’re getting married in the Toronto area take a look – I really liked the look of her photos.  She does lots of family photos and babies too.  Check her out!

So we had it down to two.  West Photo and Gemini Photography.  We met with David of West Photo.

My parents came with us and we talked about “the vision” and David informed the Boy that 100% of wedding pictures are of the bride. Anyone else that happens to be in the pictures are merely props.  We like David.  He’s easy going, he makes the Boy laugh (which is how he got the Boy’s picture the last time).  He takes AMAZING pictures. We weren’t sure that any of his packages were going to work for us – but he happily tweaked them to make them work.

David asked what style of pictures I liked, I told him I liked pictures to look candid, all the while understanding that the best “candid” photos are not generally truly candid.  I told him I love pictures in front of graffiti walls, in the subway, on streetcars.  If we were getting married in the city that’s where our photos would be.  But we’re not.  We’re getting married on a lovely farm – so our pictures will incorporate a beautiful old barn.

David found all of this very exciting and suggested that to get the best of both worlds (and since traveling to Toronto between wedding and reception was out of the question logistically) we’d do an engagement shoot in Toronto.  We could do some very cool things with the subway, and Rick Mercer does his rants in graffiti-ed alleys so maybe we could find where those are and shoot some pictures there.

I then told David the most important component of W-Day photography for me.  I said, “I like you David, but I do not want to say my vows to you.”

He burstated.

I explained that I really didn’t want to see him at all during the ceremony.  I want all of those close up teary-eyed shots of the Boy (haha) but I didn’t want to have him standing beside me.

He agreed – no problem. And also he might use that line in the future.  It was just the best way I could think to articulate what I wanted – or didn’t want in this case.

We nailed down what package we would go with if we went with him – but David encouraged us to look around.

I liked that.

This is getting too long – you’ll just have to wait for a decision tomorrow

Photo from here


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  1. I love that line too. I never actually thought about it that way. But I agree…a good photographer should not be seen. When my friend got married I was worried that she wouldn’t have good pics because I didn’t see the photographer at all during the wedding. As it turned out, her pics were amazing. There were tons of them, including some of me that I had no idea were even being taken. Can’t wait to hear your choice.

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