Photography 2.0

You’ll recall that yesterday we had 2 photographers that we were considering.  Gemini Photography and West Photo.

We left West Photo.  We talked about what David was offering, his style, and of course the price.  But mostly we talked about his personality, and the Boy’s comfort level.  You see when it comes to photography we have a small problem.  Actually we have a rather tall problem.

The Boy.

The Boy hates having his picture taken.  He is also a giant and we want to make sure that our photographer is able to make the Boy feel and look comfortable – not like a picture hating awkward giant.  While I was confident in Gemini Photography’s ability to take beautiful photos, when it came right down to it – the Boy was going to be more comfortable with David.  He’s worked with him before.  In his words “I feel as comfortable as I’m ever going to with him.”

Decision made.

Let’s face it loyal readers, when it comes to W-Day I’m making a lot of the decisions. The Boy is patiently by my side at most appointments, but as his Grooms Survival Guide told him – he’s a “secondary stakeholder.”

I cancelled my appointment with Lauren – the Boy wasn’t going to be able to make it anyway, and I didn’t want to interrupt her Saturday when I knew how unlikely it was that we would go with her. I did some light research just to make sure that I was getting a competitive price (I most definitely was), emailed David and we’re good to go.

I met with David again to sign our contract (I left the Boy at home and put him in charge of dinner).  We met for about an hour, and spoke briefly about timelines and style again.  We also made some awesome plans for an engagement shoot. Without giving too much away the Boy and I will have a perfect representation of the two of us… country mouse and city mouse.

We really couldn’t be happier with the decision.

Our wedding will be photographed by David West of West Photo.  Mostly… more on that tomorrow.


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