Photography 3.0

We have a photographer for W-day.

We also have a family friend that does wedding photography in Windsor.  He’ll be at the wedding and let us know that he would love to take pictures for us.  When we spoke with David of West Photo we talked about how long we would need him to be there.  Did we want him for the WHOLE night? Or just for the wedding and photos afterward?

I let David know that we had a friend with some mad camera skills, and that I had thought of asking him to be in charge of all candid shots and the reception.   Would that work.

One more reason why we loved David – he was totally fine with that.  Thought it was a great idea actually.  He even went one further to say that if there were pictures that our friend took that we wanted included in the album he was putting together for us we could give him the files and he would include them.  No problem.


Well that’s just the best of both worlds.  David told us that when he stays at weddings for the full night, those are usually the pictures that get cut out of the album first – people use one or two, but generally the “wedding story” is told through the more formal pictures, and the pictures of the ceremony.  So if we had a friend that could take awesome reception photos – great, work it out with him.

I emailed Brian (you can find his work on Facebook at Cross Hatched Productions, and if you’re in the Windsor area call him NOW) I gave him my plan and he was all over it.  We seem to have found ourselves the best of both worlds.  David likes to do the more formal pictures, and Brian loves the candids! Perfect.

Brian is giving us a DVD of all of the images so we can print our merry hearts out.  David is including proofs but we can get the images on file if we want them.

I’m still undecided, but I think I’m leaning toward not getting the images in digital files from David and instead putting together a separate album of Brian’s shots.  I can’t give too much away, but I’ve always liked scrapbooks in theory, but never had the patience for it in practice.  I think I’ve come up with a way to get the best of both worlds and our complete wedding story in a book that will actually be interesting to look through.

But that’s another post for another day… like 8 months from now.

Anyway, photography – CHECK!

Couldn’t be happier with all of our decisions.  David is going to take the getting ready pictures, the ceremony, pictures afterward of us and our wedding party and our families.  Brian will swoop in at the reception and take pictures of people arriving, our dances, speeches, and the kick ASS party!  It really means so much to us that we get to feature the talents of our friend.

Thanks again Brian XOXO


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