Counting it Down – 7 Months

We’ve got 7 months to go – just 7 short months! I’ve known this for a while.  But it’s news to the Boy.  The Boy was looking at the calendar the other day and asked “Why is there a 7 on February 10th?” My response? “Really? You really can’t figure that one out?” It took him a good 5 minutes to figure it out. And when he did it went a little like this “OH! Like 7 months to the wedding? Oh my God, that’s not very long!”

Thanks tips.

What we’ve done this month:

What we still need to do – A LOT!

  • We’ve started thinking about a DJ – need to book one
  • We really need to think about some flowers
  • Still can’t make a full report on the wedding party
  • Send out the STDs (hehe)
  • Make a cake decision – find a baker
  • Finish our website – share it with the world!

I’ve definitely started noticing the stress.  I’ve returned to my Naturopath (who I love) to help cope with it. The Boy has been really good about trying to keep me as calm as possible.  He’s learning to recognize when I really want help and when I really want him to agree with whatever decision I’ve already made in my head and I’m not really asking.

212 days that feels so much less scary than only 7 months!!


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