YouTube Friday

This week’s YouTube Friday is knocking two birds down off the 101 in 1001 list. (You thought I forgot about it didn’t you!)

It’s been a week of theatre – first a community production of one of the best books of all time To Kill a Mockingbird, starring some student of my Sistas.  It was a family affair as we all headed out to support the community arts.  They’re a long way from Broadway, but it was fun nonetheless.

Next stop? Well, it started when the Sista sent me an email just before the Boy and I left for Florida in November to say that if I hadn’t gotten her anything for Christmas yet, she had an idea.  I had got her something – the miniature sweater, but because it was lace weight yarn – it was the most inexpensive sweater ever in the history of the world.  I knew I was going to get her something else, so I let her tell me her idea.

She had already bought tickets to Billy Elliot the Musical during it’s run in Toronto, but had reconsidered the financial commitment she had made and decided it would be better if we got eachother a ticket instead of her buying both of them.  Agreed!

We had ourselves a non-wedding related Sista date last night and it was GLORIOUS! (We did make a quick stop at The Bay to check in on my Kitchen Aid Mixer, but other than that – wedding free). 

If you haven’t seen this play yet – what are you waiting for?! Do it! Do it NOW!

To give you a little sneak preview….

The official trailer:

Plus one highly illegal video (not mine – I obey the rules) and unfortunately not of Toronto –  but just as awesome! It will really make you wonder – what the hell is wrong with wearin’ a dress?

I’m going to be singing and dancing all weekend!

Have a great weekend and for select provinces, including all Ontarians Happy Family Day!


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