Love and Weirdness

We’re en route to the great white West for Cousin Stacey’s wedding. But before I left I found this quote… I’m thinking about using it in our card – or maybe in the guest book.

“We are all a little weird and life’s a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.”
~ Dr. Seuss

Or maybe incorporating it into the Boy and my vows.

Couch to 5K – Day 1

Gym Day 3:

I still have a strained leg from my Circuit Training on day 2, but I hit the gym again today.  The Boy recommended I do cardio today – get the heart rate up but be nice to the muscles (or lack there of).

So I hit the treadmill, plugged in my headphones and tapped my Get Running Couch to 5K App – Run 1.

This App is AWESOME! If you’re thinking about thinking about trying to run a little more.  Or thinking about thinking about maybe being able to one day call yourself a “runner.”  Or maybe you’re just thinking about maybe creating a gym routine that includes regular cardio.  This app for you.  And it’s definitely for you if you’re like me and are by no means a cardio person.  DO NOT consider yourself anywhere near being a “runner.”

In fact, I feel like I’m going to die anytime I even THINK about running.

This App is a 9 week program to go from just like it says Couch to 5K.  I started today with 8 1-minute runs separated by 1 1/2 minute walking breaks.  5 minutes to warm up and 5 minutes to cool down.  I’ve tried walk-to-run programs before but they typically involve having a stopwatch and when I’m in charge of the stopwatch – I cheat.

There I said it. I’m a cheater.

But with the Couch to 5K App, (granted I’m only on Run 1) you can run your heart out to your tunes and a brilliant British chicky takes care of the stopwatch for you.  Starting with 1 minute runs I was able to trick myself into thinking “I can do anything for 1 minute!” When you start thinking “Is it over yet?” British lady – I think I’m going to name her Charlotte says “30 seconds left and then you’re finished this run” and I thought – “I can keep this up for 30 seconds that’s nothing!”  Finally when you think Charlotte you must have lost track of time she pipes up with “10 more seconds and you are finished with this run.” And I answer – “10 seconds? That’s it? That’s NOTHING!”

Finally, the best part.  The BEST PART is Charlotte checks off your run as soon as you start. So in the very first seconds of run one – Charlotte says “Only 7 more runs to go after this one” and at run 5 “You’ll be half way to the finish in just 1 minute.”  Thanks Charlotte!

So while I’m not yet confident that I’m going to be able to run 5K or 30 minutes straight in just 9 weeks – I like that Charlotte is encouraging the same way the crazy Circuit Training lady is.  You know 5 more jumping jacks! And then after 4 she says “Just 5 more!”

It’s weird how it works… but I guess it’s because I’m just stubborn enough to fall for it.

Rockin’ Randomness and Ricky

Some random stuff for a Monday morning to get you through your case of the Mondays.

  1. The Boy and I headed to the L-dot this weekend to watch the Boy’s BFF Paul perform in his band The Mandates’ first official gig at Scot’s Corner.  The Mandates were super awesome (like there was any doubt) and you’ll soon be able to find them on Facebook and then stalk them all over Southwestern Ontario.  Everyone say, “Hi Paul!”
  2. I downloaded a new app – Instagram, as per The Pioneer Woman’s recomendation.  It’s awesome and makes your iPhone photos look way better than cell-phone pictures typically do.  Best part? It’s free!
  3. It’s freakin’ freezing here still and I for one am SICK OF IT! It’s March 28 and the weather report this morning told me it was -8C outside.  Brutal! I think it’s extra frustrating because it’s been bright and sunny outside for the last few days, just freezing cold. I’m all for four seasons but winter – you’ve had a good run, now kindly move on.
  4. My lovely sista is in New Zealand right now for school.  She is escorting 5 13-year-olds on a two week adventure conference.  I was thinking about how strange it is when someone you don’t see daily is away.  Usually she’s about an hour or so away, but right now she’s on the other side of the planet.  Our interaction through the week remains the same – mostly email, so really nothing’s changed.  But still, that’s far. I’m beginning to see why people find it unselttling.
  5. I finished our registry yesterday with the help of the Boy’s mom – aka FMIL (or Future Mother In Law – for those not so quick with the accronyms).  The Boy stayed home. At first I was slightly annoyed with him for not putting on a happy face and participating.  But while I was being educated about the different lines of soup ladels and small kitchen accessories I thought – the Boy is so smart, this would definitely have been a fight waiting to happen.
  6. The Boy and I are heading to Calgary later this week for my cousin’s wedding (Hi Cousin!) we’re thrilled to be able to go, but with all of this cold crap weather – I can’t help but wish we were going to Mexico.
  7. I wish I would learn to follow a knitting pattern instead of thinking I don’t need one.  It would probably save me from knitting pretty much everything I do TWICE. Argh.
  8. Thanks everyone for your gym encouragement! It took until Saturday before I wasn’t wincing everytime I moved – as a result of circuit training.  But by Saturday afternoon I was thinking – too bad we’re in London, I feel like going to the gym.  Could this be the start of my becoming a gym rat?
  9. And finally, a little story about Ricky. Ricky was the stranger who came along and randomly sat down at our table while at Paul’s gig this weekend – I think it was the Boy’s friendly face. Ricky sat down with his Buffalo Bills sweatshirt and his backpack.  At first he wouldn’t tell us what was in his backpack. Well not exactly, he told us it was a bomb.

We laughed cautiously.

What we learned from Ricky was that I have a really beautiful smile (he said while staring at my chest).  He hit on our waitress, then checked out another one and told us that he really liked her bum. Then, “Meaghan, I’m sure you’ve got a nice bum too – why don’t you stand up and we’ll see.”


Here’s my question. Why do I seem to attract sketchy people?  Is it the red hair? Is it my great… smile?

This isn’t my first experience with the sketchy-McSketchersons.  I used to work in a social housing building and it was a daily occurance.  The Boy said later he was impressed to watch me hold my own, and tell Ricky politely to screw off without triggering some kind of scene.

Ricky also told us he doesn’t hit on the waitress with the nice bum because she’s got a boyfriend.  Given that we had already established that the Boy and I were engaged, the Boy had to ask – you said you won’t hit on the waitress because she’s got a boyfriend but you’re hitting on Meaghan and I’m right here.

Ricky changed the subject and told us all about how the Bills and the Oilers are the greatest teams of all time.

It’s fun making friends!

Happy Monday!

YouTube Friday

This weekend is Earth Hour.  To be honest I tend to forget about it – or happen to be out and about each year. But I’ve put a reminder on my phone this year since I don’t want to find myself in this situation.

Kristyn – perhaps you shouldn’t watch… I know how you feel about Moths.

Happy Earth Hour Weekend everyone!

It hurts so good?

A couple of weeks ago the Boy came with me to my Naturopath appointment.  It was his first time.  He didn’t come in, instead he played Angry Birds in the empty waiting room.  After a lovely conversation and check up I came out and proceeded to get loaded up with supplements (she’s preggo again and is trying to get me ship-shape before she ships out) and I got the bill.  I always cringe a little – there’s no getting around it, it’s expensive. But I’m making my health a priority, and the naturo is part of that.  She saves me from regular infections, off of antibiotics and I just all around feel better when I see her regularly.  I’ve committed to drinking the Kool-Aid. And I thought the Boy had as well.

You see, I told him when I started back with her a few months ago – “she’s expensive, but I’ve been sick way too much lately and I need to see her.”  He agreed.  He can’t really argue against it – he’s seen the results before.  She’s a miracle worker and I love her.  But apparently he didn’t really completely understand what I meant by expensive.

He may have freaked a little.  The Boy is a boy and doesn’t fully and completely get the Naturopath. He has not enjoyed the Kool-Aid.  He firmly believes that since I eat pretty well already if I only added more exercise/any exercise at all to my regimen I would be fine and wouldn’t need her at all.  I disagree.  Sort of.

I agree blah blah blah exercise is good for you.  Blah blah blah if I don’t get into a routine now I never will because soon enough there will be kids and then I won’t make the time to start.  Blah blah blah I’ll feel better.  But the problem has typically been finding something I like to do, at times that are convenient, and that doesn’t cost a fortune.  Hot yoga? Love it, but definitely not an affordable option.  I don’t play sports.  And while I kept asking the Boy to make me a routine I could do at home – our apartment is small and unless he was going to do this routine with me (which he refused) then I would feel horribly awkward while he watched me workout.  Not happening. Yes, increasing my physical activity would have positive effects.  No, it will not replace the Naturopath.

He on the other hand feels he’s in decent shape since he plays sports.  I disagree.  He was definitely busier than me this winter with coaching but coaching is not playing.  He only played volleyball once a week. Baseball and golf season are starting soon but there are lots of out of shape baseball players and golfers out there – have you seen John Daly?

Regardless, I agreed I would look into finding something I could do.

I found Function Studios in Newmarket.  I had looked at them last year but their membership fee had an additional fee if you wanted yoga. Boo. I learned this year that they’ve nixed that extra fee (hooray!) and that because my work is a member of our local Chamber of Commerce I could get the corporate rate of $35/month.

$35 gets me a full gym, lots of bikes, treadmills, ellipticals etc, spinning classes, yoga (both hot and regular) and unlimited access to about 75 classes each month.  Yowzer! That’s a lot of stuff.  Oh wait, and it’s women only.  That’s a pretty big part since it makes me feel way more comfortable.

I joined on Monday.

I forgot to bring a hair-tie so I did my first day on Tuesday.

On Tuesday I went on the treadmill for 20 minutes at a brisk walking pace.  Then I wandered around and did some arm stuff on the machines.  I quickly realized – I don’t actually know what to do at a gym. I watched the current class – Pump.  I thought I could do that.  It looks manageable.  I checked the schedule and went back on Wednesday for my first class.  Pump.

The Pump instructor wasn’t there for whatever reason so the girl filling in did Circuit Training instead.  I knew right from the start I was going to die.  I was right.

From burpees to push-ups, wall squats, sprints, lunging and 5 other workouts I pushed and pulled and carried my body through an hour of fantastic fitness fun. It’s now nearly 24 hours later and my legs still feel like jello.  Angry, angry jello.

The good news? I didn’t quit. I didn’t cry. And I didn’t pass out. I did ask the instructor what else she would recommend for a beginner since this nearly killed me – informing her this was literally day 2 of “let’s be more active,” she assured me that I did “REALLY REALLY well for Day 2″ to modify anything that I was doing and that actually Pump is a really good place to start.  I refrained from screaming “That’s what I was TRYING TO DO!!” Argh.   She also recommended beginner spin classes, which scare me, but I’m trying to be open everything for now.

Even though it’s only Day 2.  And even though every muscle in my body is SCREAMING at me today, I think I might have found something that I can commit to.

New goal? To be able to go to Circuit Training on purpose – and die only a little instead of a whole lot.  The Boy says it should take about 2 months.

I’m fine with giving myself 163 days (I trust I’ll still need a week to recover) – and I need to be ready for dancing on day 170!

TA-DA! WED-site!

It’s here! I still have a couple small things to add to it – but it’s mostly done.

It’s our WED-site!  If you like the name – I made it up.  If you think it’s goofy – I had nothing to do with it, it seems to be some kind of industry standard.

I went back and forth about having a wed-site, I obviously decide for it.

5 Reasons why I decided to do a wed-site:

  1. There’s so much information that our guests need to know – from directions and accommodations to registry information websites just make sense
  2. Gives us a way to introduce our wedding party before the wedding
  3. Let’s everyone start getting as excited as we are while they learn some fun facts and stories they may not have known prior to the big day
  4. Not everyone knows about my blog – they will once they read the wed-site (that’s right shameless promotion was definitely a factor)
  5. We’re saving paper.

Now that last one might seem a little odd but it’s true.  (one of MANY wed-site template options out there) has a handy feature that is well worth the service fee – online RSVP.  We are foregoing the traditional pocket invitation complete with 15 million pieces of paper, and cutting our stationary bill to a fraction of the cost.  Our guests will be receiving one piece of beautiful paper in a lovely envelope with the basic information.  They’ll be directed to our website for maps (still to be added), accommodation information and to RSVP.  Brilliant.  No getting lost in the mail.  Simple, easy and the complete list can then be exported to Excel.


As for a short review of – I love it.  There are so many more templates than other sites, definitely something for everyone.  It’s easy to navigate, SUPER easy to add content.  Absolutely no html knowledge necessary – though you can upload your own CSS file if you want to. It’s so easy even the Boy could do it – he didn’t, but he could have if he wanted to.  Mostly, I chose it for the RSVP feature although there are other sites that have that as well.  So the feature that tipped the scales? The page designs.  So many pretty ones it was definitely hard to choose.

The extra treat for you today? The Boy’s anonymity ends.  But don’t worry – I still refuse to use his name here –  it’s just funnier that way. 

W-Party – don’t fret, I took your last names off to protect the innocent!

You can find our wed-site here

Did you (or would you) build a wedding website?

Worst Blogger Ever – Or, The TASTING!

I’m sorry. Let’s just get it out of the way right now.  I got carried away and COMPLETELY forgot about you. I’m sorry.  The Boy is sorry too because he didn’t remind me.  We went to our tasting on Friday night – and forgot to take pictures.


What I’m not sorry about? Our choices for dinner! OMG it’s going to be fabulous!

I started typing out what we are getting – but you know what? Without pictures it’s just not the same. I’ll put someone in charge of taking pictures of dinner on the day – then you’ll see how delish! For now all I’ll say is O’Malley’s Catering in Newmarket = AWESOME! The food was SO good and it was such a relief to have that over and done with.  I know I’ve read on the blogosphere of people that have done several tastings with different caterers, and I don’t think I could handle it.  How would you possibly choose between one delicious caterer and another?

The other great thing? O’Malley’s seems to have it together – easy to work with and on top of everything.  We got all of our questions answered about the bar, the food, the h’ordeurves and late night eats.

We had a lovely dinner with both of our parents, and the best part? This is one more thing I can cross off my list.

Caterer? Check!


The Boy is happy about the food too!

Tomorrow – more exciting stuff, Promise!

Tell me – What’s your favourite meal?

YouTube Friday

OMG I’m in love.

The Boy was away last night – out drinking green beer, and reliving his youth I assume.  It left me to my own devices.  I came home and watched Marilyn since there wasn’t much on.  The info description said the show was about how to wear hair accessories, I thought it was going to be a dud, but it was actually awesome!  I learned so many things! I found out about a potato planting bag that is making me SO excited for our garden this year. We wanted to try a few new things, and I think potatoes is definitely going to be in the mix this year.  I couldn’t find a video for it but basically the planter bag has a butt flap (like in one piece pajamas). So once you are ready to harvest you just open the shoot and dig out the potatoes. It saves you from dumping out the bag – which is good news when you’re growing on a roof top and not in a yard.

The next segment? Hair Accessories! I learned how to wear a hair band without looking like you’re seven AND without it squeezing your brain.  And I learned about a new product from Goody.  Spin Pins! These babies are bobby-pins on steroids. You can hold up all of your hair in a super cute soft bun with just TWO pins.  TWO! That’s it!

I searched YouTube for confirmation as to whether or not they actually work and then – because I didn’t want to make what I was thinking about making for dinner, and because I had been thinking about my hair for my cousin’s wedding and an upcoming party, I took myself to Lablaws and bought myself some Spin Pins.

They are awesome! And they totally work!

This may look like it's not going to hold for long but let me assure you - it's not going anywhere!

Check out the video!

I’m thinking these are going to make for some easy-peasy hair styles this summer. Look out spring and summer I’m ready for you!

Signs of spring

Why hello spring! Oh I’m so glad to see you.

It’s a balmy 3C here today – but the high? 11C! Double digits people! WE ARE REACHING DOUBLE DIGITS!!!!!

This is very exciting news because while I really love living in a climate with 4 distinct seasons…. I’m done.  I’m done with winter and I’m especially done with winter boots.

For me this is the first true sign of spring.  Down with boots!

I left work last night in my shoes and carried my boots to the car.  This morning? I left them at home. Some might say it’s early.  And I haven’t packed the boots away just yet –  mostly because I’m scared to jinx it.  But as of today I’m a shoe wearing lady.  And if I do need to go to boots again, I’m really hoping it doesn’t have to be of the winter variety.

Look how happy these feet are! Soon – it’ll be down with socks, and my little puppies will be able to breath again as they celebrate the first signs of summer.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.  First – let’s enjoy a beautiful spring day.

What is the first sign of spring for you?

PS. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Sister Love!

First of all a question: Did the time change kick your ass too, or was it just me?

The Boy is on “vacation” right now also known as March Break, so he’s fine with staying up all night and sleeping in.  This girl has to work and honestly that hour we lost on Saturday? I think I’ve maybe adjusted today – Wednesday.  And it may have required me going to bed at 10:45 last night and sleeping until 8:00 this morning.  Brutal.

But I digress.  Last night I had a much-anticipated, much-needed date with my Sista.  And I just thought I’d write a little post to say how awesome it is to have a sister.  Now mine is super awesome, I definitely got lucky in the sister department, but I think sisters in general are an awesome gift.  I really can’t imagine not having mine.

The Sista and I went shopping and out for dinner last night.  We hit up Anthropologie and I got a freakin’ awesome dress for my cousin’s upcoming wedding and our Engagement party. Plus it’s a pretty perfect “dress down” dress for work as well.  I may need an accessory or two to dress it down, but when I tried it on for the Boy last night with red heels – I got a “Wow.”  And do you know why I ended up with the perfect one – my sister.  She’s got the mad skills like that, and an awesome ability to say “that looks terrible please take that horribly awful dress off right this instant” in a way that doesn’t make you feel gross.

In honour of our date I’ve got a list of reasons why sisters are awesome:

  1. She’s always got your back – even if she doesn’t always agree with you.
  2. She always wants you to look and feel your best
  3. When she is trying on clothes and finds something that looks good on her but will look better on you – she hands it over.
  4. You’ve always got someone to laugh with
  5. You’ve always got someone to cry with
  6. Even if you’re being a crazy one day and you take it out on your sister, you can call her the next day and say “Sorry for being a crazy.” She’ll get it.
  7. She knows all of your secrets
  8. If you need her she’ll drop everything and get to you – even if that means driving an hour or two
  9. She knows just how to get you to do things – like make her cookies.  But you don’t mind cuz you’re sisters. And she understands with great power comes great responsibility
  10. She thinks you’re awesome.  And you think she is too!

My sister happens to be of the biological variety, but it’s not genetics that make us sisters and your sister might not be someone you’re related to. 

I’m just sayin’ March 8th was International Women’s Day, this year was the 100th anniversary, and I think it just seemed like a good opportunity to spread the sister love.


Why do you love your sister?