Flowers Anyone?

Do you know what’s weird? North American girls are conditioned to think about their weddings from the time they are born. But when it’s time to actually start making decisions – this North American girl has no idea.

Take flowers.  When I met with a couple of florists they asked me that all too familiar question, “What’s your vision?”  But then they went one further, “What kind of flowers are you looking for” Be specific.  Ummm…. I’m getting married, there should be flowers there. That’s about all I know.

So how did I make my decision? I met with two florists in my neighbourhood.  I didn’t want to meet the world – too confusing.  I had some ideas, but mostly I had colours.  Really, colour.  Orange. Our W-day colours are Orange and Gray.  So I started there.  We’re having a church wedding, so we talked about decorations for the church that can also be used at the reception.  We counted heads for how many boutonnieres we would need and how many bouquets.  And I largely relied (as I always do) on the pros.  You’re the professional florist – why don’t you tell me what I should do.

Both florists we met with were in the same ballpark as far as price range.  So what got me? Attitude.

The first florist I met was bubbly – I felt like she was personally excited in our wedding.  She recognized that I had no concrete must haves so she played with colour and texture and assured me that I didn’t need to make any firm decisions until about 3 months before. But she showed me what she could do, gave me options to think about and suggested hardy flowers that were going to stand up well to pictures and lots of hugs.

The second florist we met was quieter.  She would be the perfect florist for someone who knows exactly what they want.  That’s not me. I think she was trying to let me lead the discussion so she didn’t push her ideas on me.  Whatever I wanted to do was what she would do.  The only problem – I have no idea what I want to do.  I was looking for more direction from her – and it was like pulling teeth.

Oddly, the price points ended up being similar in the end but specific items varied quite a bit.  Weird.

So, obviously we’ve gone with the first Florist – for those York Region Weddingers out there – We went with Cassidy’s in Newmarket.  I won’t say who we didn’t go with in this case out loud – but if you’re in the market let me know and I’ll send you a direct message – they were perfectly fine and did beautiful

While we did talk about doing centrepieces with the Cassidy’s and the price is probably quite reasonable for a professional to do the work – I’m still in debate about it.  Mostly because I think the pro centrepiece is going to be too fussy for me.  We’re simple, let’s keep it simple.

Here’s what we’re thinking….

The challenge? Making flowers a reflection of us. The result? Simple prettiness in Steamwhistle beer bottles - the Boy's favourite beer! PS. These are too tall - it's still a work in progress.

That’s one more pro checked off the list!

Flowers CHECK!

Any brides out there? Thoughts on flowers? Did you know what you wanted? Am I alone on the no detailed plans team?

3 responses

  1. I think your idea is perfect. Just like you did with your dress…you should choose flowers that reflect your personality.

    When my brother got married, my SIL’s cousin did the flowers as a gift. SIL let her do whatever she wanted. They were amazing. Like magazine quality flower arrangments. They were nothing that normal people could ever afford if they had to pay for them.

    I have an idea for my future wedding that involves using some kind of live plants. I don’t like the idea of spending money on something that someone is just going to throw out. I’d actually like to get married in December and use little Christmas trees as the centerpieces.

    Whatever you do, just make sure the flowers aren’t blocking people’s ability to speak across the table.

  2. that’s my fave beer also! and how cute to make them your centrepieces!

    as for flowers… holy smokes. i was once told that a bride should pick 3 places to really put money into when she gets married. i decided long ago that 1-food, 2-flowers and 3-the dress were at the top of my list. i LOVE wedding flowers!

    i am sure that whatever the florist does will be BEAUTIFUL!

    and i love the colour combo! orange and grey??? bingo.

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