Countdown continues – 6 MONTHS PEOPLE!

Can you tell how crazy busy I’ve been with these W-Day planning shenanigans?  Well… not that busy I guess, but stay incorporated into this countdown will be a recap of what occupied our time this past weekend.

But First – let’s roll call what we’ve done so far:

  • We picked a wedding party! – Post on that to come since I just realized I hadn’t posted about that yet.
  • We picked a florist
  • We’re getting closer with centrepieces
  • I designed our first invitation – need to make sure the peeps coming to the party get it first before I can show the world
  • We picked a DJ
  • We attended and passed our Catholic Marriage Preparation class, which included 189 compatibility questions

What’s coming up?

  • We need to decide on a cake
  • We’re meeting our caterer this month for a tasting
  • These ladies need to wear something – looking at some options this month
  • Start working on our play lists
  • Fully launch our wed-site
  • Complete our registries
  • Think about stationary

Oh man, that’s a lot to do – and it’s not even done after those things.  I’m not sure if all brides feel this way, but every month when I do the countdown the next day I am automatically in 5 more months mode.  And the panic attack ensues.

But on to more positive things: Marriage Prep.

Let’s be honest.  It wasn’t something we were looking forward to. But it was actually pretty good.  Now let’s not get carried away, it was very churchy and we were not so into all the churchyness. But it did get us talking about some probably important stuff.  Con – the Powerpoint presentations were brutal.

Thursday night we were talked at a lot but it started with a really great icebreaker.  Now I’m not really one for icebreakers but this one was GREAT! The Boy read a secret piece of paper.  Then I blindfolded him.  Then led him to the middle of the room.  Then he had to make the noise of what he had read – in this case “Ribbit” and I had to lead him around the room to the other ribbiters.  Does this not sound like a great way to get to know people? Oh wait – WORST. ICEBREAKER. EVER!


After learning about roles and responsibilities, we moved on to Sexuality and Marital Love.  Nothing like getting the most awkward part out of the way right off the start.  We spent the next hour or so talking about Sexual Intercourse.  The Sex Act. Or The Conjugal Act of Marital Love.  I liked when they said all three – in a row. together.

Friday night we learned communication 1 and communication 2.  Powerpoint brought on some serious struggles for the facilitators – it’s hard for some people.  And while their presentation was once again brutal the dancing was awesome! That’s right – we all came to the centre of the room and danced to some slow country song.  Grade 8 styles.

Saturday we learned fully about the relationship between us and God, that this marriage will be between the three of us. We also learned about Natural Family Planning and that it is not the Rhythm Method.

We also got our FOCCUS questionnaire back.  It was 189 compatibility questions that included such gems as “I am concerned my homosexual thoughts or feelings might have a negative effect on my marriage”  I’m happy to report that both the Boy and I disagreed with that one, and we largely agreed with each other for most of it.  That didn’t always mean we agreed with what the Church wanted us to answer. We may have gotten 8% on the  religion section.

Finally we were invited to stay for mass, which we did – but we were one of about 7 couples who did (there were 20 in our course).

Okay, so I leaned a little more to the con side in my report – but let’s face it that makes for better blogging.  The pro?  We really appreciated the time to talk to each other about things we don’t normally.  We spent a lot of time talking and took a break from planning our wedding and took some time to plan our marriage and our future family.

It wasn’t something we were looking forward to but it was definitely valuable.  We actually really enjoyed it.

Churched – Check!

Six Months To Go!


2 responses

  1. Ok…here’s the problem I envision for my future. I don’t take anything seriously and I’m extremely sarcastic. So is J. When presented with a question about homosexual thoughts and feelings having an impact on my marriage…I would have to say agree. Just because I would find it hilarious. J would do the same thing…I just called him to ask him.

    I can just imagine that the priest will not find it quite as amusing as we will.

    I guess it’s really good and bad. Because it will show that we are compatible…but also that we are two sick twists.

    I have a feeling we are going to get thrown out of pre-marital counseling.

  2. I KNOW! The Boy and I found the questions hilarious and like I said most of what we got “wrong” was not a mismatch between each other but between what we put and what the Church wanted us to put – or stuff that we really hadn’t talked about, like “My future spouse and I agree on the specific parenting roles each of us will play” Ummm… I will have the babies and he’ll be there too? I don’t know! What do you mean by roles? We don’t have kids so no we are not well read on parenting roles. Uncertain. I’m sure we will agree but we simply hadn’t talked about it. The thing that kept us somewhat on track with the answers they’re looking for and not throwing the entire system out of whack was that we (well really I) want to be married in the Catholic Church – so you play the game out of fear of being kicked out of the club.

    But I was curious to see if we had put agree if we would have been pulled aside for extra counselling!

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