I was going to do a YouTube Friday.  But I’ve been slacking in the blogging department so I thought I should blog.  But as I started and stopped a few different topics I realized I don’t have the patience to write a full blog post about anything – I need to stick to the random list.

Here we go:

  1. The Boy and I both had a pajama day on Monday.  The weekend with the marriage course was so busy and exhausting that when I was still lying in bed at 8:17am on Monday morning I realized I just couldn’t do it.  I was exhausted and my tummy hurt. I haven’t had a pajama day in a long time and it was awesome.  And it checked another thing off my 101 list!
  2. I love Apple.  I’m a Mac all the way.  Yesterday my love of Apple was confirmed once again.  We went in to look at phone covers – but nothing grabbed our attention.  I was also looking for an external hard drive.  This little MacBook is full to the top and it’s time to take off some of those 3500+ photos.  I was prepared to buy a terabyte hard drive and my friendly Apple guy said no need – he actually sold me a less expensive option that really is all I need right now.  I really like when sales people don’t oversell me stuff – it makes my heart sing. Thanks Apple guy!
  3. I’m back on track with my Naturopath.  And what does that mean? It means I’m feeling better. It means my skin is better. And it means I’m focusing again on what I’m eating.  I’m still eating too much sugar but I’m working on it.  One thing I have been doing well with is drinking more water. And I can happily say that I have checked another thing off the list – 8 glasses a day for a month! Well, sort of. I have a new app on my phone Water Tracker and it sends me a reminder 7 times a day to drink water.  There are days where I don’t quite get to 8 but I’m definitely between 6 and 9 glasses each day.  And that is way better than normal.  So while I think I’ll probably still not make a full 30 days always getting 8 glasses (it’s really hard on weekends) I’m counting my continued effort.  And telling you if drinking more water is one of your goals – try Water Tracker.  It’s awesome.  Check!
  4. I finished my Christmas knitting last month and forgot to blog about it.  I finished the Boy’s Christmas socks and the Sista’s too small sweater turned into her Christmas cowl.  Instead of tearing out the sweater and reknitting something I’ve already done – I knit her something new! But I may have forgotten to take pictures of the prettyness.  But I will send you to see the original Buttons Cowl at Tanis Fibre Arts – I heart Tanis.  I heart her yarn and I think it shows great restraint on my part that I don’t have a huge stash hiding somewhere in the apartment…. or do I?
  5. The Boy and I are doing more registry fun tonight. We’re scanning away tonight and while I have some reservations feeling kind of gluttonous and greedy another part of me is very excited about starting our marriage with things that we’ve chosen instead of only a house full of other people’s leftovers.
  6. Here’s the china we’ve registered for
  7. And here’s our everyday stuff
  8. I’ve always made fun of brides at wedding showers who get so excited over plates.  I can now honestly say I get it.  I love these plates.
  9. My brother just sent me about 1000 YouTube videos so you get a YouTube Friday afterall!

2 responses

  1. I have the towels to match those dishes! You should come over and eat cereal out of your bowls in my washroom. I LOVE those dishes. (I have enough dishes to feed my entire neighbourhood… and I haven’t even done the registry thing yet…)

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