Sister Love!

First of all a question: Did the time change kick your ass too, or was it just me?

The Boy is on “vacation” right now also known as March Break, so he’s fine with staying up all night and sleeping in.  This girl has to work and honestly that hour we lost on Saturday? I think I’ve maybe adjusted today – Wednesday.  And it may have required me going to bed at 10:45 last night and sleeping until 8:00 this morning.  Brutal.

But I digress.  Last night I had a much-anticipated, much-needed date with my Sista.  And I just thought I’d write a little post to say how awesome it is to have a sister.  Now mine is super awesome, I definitely got lucky in the sister department, but I think sisters in general are an awesome gift.  I really can’t imagine not having mine.

The Sista and I went shopping and out for dinner last night.  We hit up Anthropologie and I got a freakin’ awesome dress for my cousin’s upcoming wedding and our Engagement party. Plus it’s a pretty perfect “dress down” dress for work as well.  I may need an accessory or two to dress it down, but when I tried it on for the Boy last night with red heels – I got a “Wow.”  And do you know why I ended up with the perfect one – my sister.  She’s got the mad skills like that, and an awesome ability to say “that looks terrible please take that horribly awful dress off right this instant” in a way that doesn’t make you feel gross.

In honour of our date I’ve got a list of reasons why sisters are awesome:

  1. She’s always got your back – even if she doesn’t always agree with you.
  2. She always wants you to look and feel your best
  3. When she is trying on clothes and finds something that looks good on her but will look better on you – she hands it over.
  4. You’ve always got someone to laugh with
  5. You’ve always got someone to cry with
  6. Even if you’re being a crazy one day and you take it out on your sister, you can call her the next day and say “Sorry for being a crazy.” She’ll get it.
  7. She knows all of your secrets
  8. If you need her she’ll drop everything and get to you – even if that means driving an hour or two
  9. She knows just how to get you to do things – like make her cookies.  But you don’t mind cuz you’re sisters. And she understands with great power comes great responsibility
  10. She thinks you’re awesome.  And you think she is too!

My sister happens to be of the biological variety, but it’s not genetics that make us sisters and your sister might not be someone you’re related to. 

I’m just sayin’ March 8th was International Women’s Day, this year was the 100th anniversary, and I think it just seemed like a good opportunity to spread the sister love.


Why do you love your sister?


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