TA-DA! WED-site!

It’s here! I still have a couple small things to add to it – but it’s mostly done.

It’s our WED-site!  If you like the name – I made it up.  If you think it’s goofy – I had nothing to do with it, it seems to be some kind of industry standard.

I went back and forth about having a wed-site, I obviously decide for it.

5 Reasons why I decided to do a wed-site:

  1. There’s so much information that our guests need to know – from directions and accommodations to registry information websites just make sense
  2. Gives us a way to introduce our wedding party before the wedding
  3. Let’s everyone start getting as excited as we are while they learn some fun facts and stories they may not have known prior to the big day
  4. Not everyone knows about my blog – they will once they read the wed-site (that’s right shameless promotion was definitely a factor)
  5. We’re saving paper.

Now that last one might seem a little odd but it’s true.   Nearlyweds.com  (one of MANY wed-site template options out there) has a handy feature that is well worth the service fee – online RSVP.  We are foregoing the traditional pocket invitation complete with 15 million pieces of paper, and cutting our stationary bill to a fraction of the cost.  Our guests will be receiving one piece of beautiful paper in a lovely envelope with the basic information.  They’ll be directed to our website for maps (still to be added), accommodation information and to RSVP.  Brilliant.  No getting lost in the mail.  Simple, easy and the complete list can then be exported to Excel.


As for a short review of nearlyweds.com – I love it.  There are so many more templates than other sites, definitely something for everyone.  It’s easy to navigate, SUPER easy to add content.  Absolutely no html knowledge necessary – though you can upload your own CSS file if you want to. It’s so easy even the Boy could do it – he didn’t, but he could have if he wanted to.  Mostly, I chose it for the RSVP feature although there are other sites that have that as well.  So the feature that tipped the scales? The page designs.  So many pretty ones it was definitely hard to choose.

The extra treat for you today? The Boy’s anonymity ends.  But don’t worry – I still refuse to use his name here –  it’s just funnier that way. 

W-Party – don’t fret, I took your last names off to protect the innocent!

You can find our wed-site here

Did you (or would you) build a wedding website?


2 responses

  1. Love the wed-site! You did a great job.

    And to answer your question…yes, I will do one when I get married too. Because it’s been ten years…TEN YEARS…and when I finally get to walk down that aisle I will be posting that information everywhere…my blog, facebook, a wed-site, telephone poles in my neighborhood. Everyone will know.

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