Rockin’ Randomness and Ricky

Some random stuff for a Monday morning to get you through your case of the Mondays.

  1. The Boy and I headed to the L-dot this weekend to watch the Boy’s BFF Paul perform in his band The Mandates’ first official gig at Scot’s Corner.  The Mandates were super awesome (like there was any doubt) and you’ll soon be able to find them on Facebook and then stalk them all over Southwestern Ontario.  Everyone say, “Hi Paul!”
  2. I downloaded a new app – Instagram, as per The Pioneer Woman’s recomendation.  It’s awesome and makes your iPhone photos look way better than cell-phone pictures typically do.  Best part? It’s free!
  3. It’s freakin’ freezing here still and I for one am SICK OF IT! It’s March 28 and the weather report this morning told me it was -8C outside.  Brutal! I think it’s extra frustrating because it’s been bright and sunny outside for the last few days, just freezing cold. I’m all for four seasons but winter – you’ve had a good run, now kindly move on.
  4. My lovely sista is in New Zealand right now for school.  She is escorting 5 13-year-olds on a two week adventure conference.  I was thinking about how strange it is when someone you don’t see daily is away.  Usually she’s about an hour or so away, but right now she’s on the other side of the planet.  Our interaction through the week remains the same – mostly email, so really nothing’s changed.  But still, that’s far. I’m beginning to see why people find it unselttling.
  5. I finished our registry yesterday with the help of the Boy’s mom – aka FMIL (or Future Mother In Law – for those not so quick with the accronyms).  The Boy stayed home. At first I was slightly annoyed with him for not putting on a happy face and participating.  But while I was being educated about the different lines of soup ladels and small kitchen accessories I thought – the Boy is so smart, this would definitely have been a fight waiting to happen.
  6. The Boy and I are heading to Calgary later this week for my cousin’s wedding (Hi Cousin!) we’re thrilled to be able to go, but with all of this cold crap weather – I can’t help but wish we were going to Mexico.
  7. I wish I would learn to follow a knitting pattern instead of thinking I don’t need one.  It would probably save me from knitting pretty much everything I do TWICE. Argh.
  8. Thanks everyone for your gym encouragement! It took until Saturday before I wasn’t wincing everytime I moved – as a result of circuit training.  But by Saturday afternoon I was thinking – too bad we’re in London, I feel like going to the gym.  Could this be the start of my becoming a gym rat?
  9. And finally, a little story about Ricky. Ricky was the stranger who came along and randomly sat down at our table while at Paul’s gig this weekend – I think it was the Boy’s friendly face. Ricky sat down with his Buffalo Bills sweatshirt and his backpack.  At first he wouldn’t tell us what was in his backpack. Well not exactly, he told us it was a bomb.

We laughed cautiously.

What we learned from Ricky was that I have a really beautiful smile (he said while staring at my chest).  He hit on our waitress, then checked out another one and told us that he really liked her bum. Then, “Meaghan, I’m sure you’ve got a nice bum too – why don’t you stand up and we’ll see.”


Here’s my question. Why do I seem to attract sketchy people?  Is it the red hair? Is it my great… smile?

This isn’t my first experience with the sketchy-McSketchersons.  I used to work in a social housing building and it was a daily occurance.  The Boy said later he was impressed to watch me hold my own, and tell Ricky politely to screw off without triggering some kind of scene.

Ricky also told us he doesn’t hit on the waitress with the nice bum because she’s got a boyfriend.  Given that we had already established that the Boy and I were engaged, the Boy had to ask – you said you won’t hit on the waitress because she’s got a boyfriend but you’re hitting on Meaghan and I’m right here.

Ricky changed the subject and told us all about how the Bills and the Oilers are the greatest teams of all time.

It’s fun making friends!

Happy Monday!


One response

  1. Two things…

    Over ten years, I’ve learned that some situations are just not worth the resulting fights. While it would have been great to have J with me at my cousin’s surprise party a few weeks ago, I graciously let him stay home. I knew he’d be bored and, therefore, whining at me. So he stayed home happily and I had a lovely time at the party with all the girls. The same will go for registering. He will get bored and be annoying and there will be a fight. Sometimes, it’s better to just do things alone…then you get to do them your way.

    You and Boy are far too nice. At “stand up so I can oogle your goodies” Ricky would have gotten a slap in the face and security would have been escorting him out. I don’t do well with sketchy and rude. Hey…at least he provided you with a great post.

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