Couch to 5K – Day 1

Gym Day 3:

I still have a strained leg from my Circuit Training on day 2, but I hit the gym again today.  The Boy recommended I do cardio today – get the heart rate up but be nice to the muscles (or lack there of).

So I hit the treadmill, plugged in my headphones and tapped my Get Running Couch to 5K App – Run 1.

This App is AWESOME! If you’re thinking about thinking about trying to run a little more.  Or thinking about thinking about maybe being able to one day call yourself a “runner.”  Or maybe you’re just thinking about maybe creating a gym routine that includes regular cardio.  This app for you.  And it’s definitely for you if you’re like me and are by no means a cardio person.  DO NOT consider yourself anywhere near being a “runner.”

In fact, I feel like I’m going to die anytime I even THINK about running.

This App is a 9 week program to go from just like it says Couch to 5K.  I started today with 8 1-minute runs separated by 1 1/2 minute walking breaks.  5 minutes to warm up and 5 minutes to cool down.  I’ve tried walk-to-run programs before but they typically involve having a stopwatch and when I’m in charge of the stopwatch – I cheat.

There I said it. I’m a cheater.

But with the Couch to 5K App, (granted I’m only on Run 1) you can run your heart out to your tunes and a brilliant British chicky takes care of the stopwatch for you.  Starting with 1 minute runs I was able to trick myself into thinking “I can do anything for 1 minute!” When you start thinking “Is it over yet?” British lady – I think I’m going to name her Charlotte says “30 seconds left and then you’re finished this run” and I thought – “I can keep this up for 30 seconds that’s nothing!”  Finally when you think Charlotte you must have lost track of time she pipes up with “10 more seconds and you are finished with this run.” And I answer – “10 seconds? That’s it? That’s NOTHING!”

Finally, the best part.  The BEST PART is Charlotte checks off your run as soon as you start. So in the very first seconds of run one – Charlotte says “Only 7 more runs to go after this one” and at run 5 “You’ll be half way to the finish in just 1 minute.”  Thanks Charlotte!

So while I’m not yet confident that I’m going to be able to run 5K or 30 minutes straight in just 9 weeks – I like that Charlotte is encouraging the same way the crazy Circuit Training lady is.  You know 5 more jumping jacks! And then after 4 she says “Just 5 more!”

It’s weird how it works… but I guess it’s because I’m just stubborn enough to fall for it.


4 responses

  1. I’m so proud of all your gym-ness! You are doing great.

    I plan to complete the couch to 5K as part of my 101 list and I am definitely getting that app. I need some nice British motivation.

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