Man-Cold and Procrastination

I sick.

I’ve got the dreaded man-cold.  I know it’s just a cold – but I sound disgusting.  And no one wants to listen to that.  Especially the Boy who I’m pretty sure got about as much sleep as I did last night while I tossed and turned, hot and cold, snotting everywhere. Am I painting a lovely picture?  Oh good.  I’m so glad.

It’s not a true man-cold since I am still functioning.  While I am planning a lazy day, and did sleep until 11:30 yesterday I still got up and did things.  I made hummus, and soup, and dinner.   I even left the house and went grocery shopping.  When the Boy has a man-cold he does none of these things.

Not only did I do things that needed to be done yesterday like grocery shopping (we had 2 lemons, 1 lime and 1 red onion in our fridge before I left), I did something I’ve been putting off for months, YEARS even.  The Boy has been asking me to do it for a long time, and I’ve thought about it but never really got around to it.  But now we’re getting married, which means there’s a fancy dress and it’s when I’m all dressed up that I typically think  – “I should really get around to that.”

I give you my ears.

Excuse the messy hair, horrible angle and terrible cropping job… I have a man-cold.

YouTube Friday

I found this video on Healthy Tipping Point the other day and it got my Feminist cells buzzing.

Then I started on a bit of a Feminist Poetry choose your own YouTube adventure.

And found out What Women Deserve


I think I’ll spend my long weekend poetry slamming.

Happy Easter!

Rich Groom, Poor Groom?

The groom nerviously awaits his bride.

Image via Wikipedia

Is this new? Or just to me? *Edit – I’ve checked the site and apparently I caught the series premiere, lucky me!*

Rich Bride, Poor Bride has turned into Rich Groom Poor GroomFor REALS!

Concept – Bride gives up control and decision input for a $5000 budget boost.

They have a wedding planner.  They sit down together to go over the basics – numbers, type of ceremony.  All the details are given to the groom.  The bride comes in and chooses a “Surprise” – one aspect of the wedding that she gets to choose.

I CANNOT IMAGINE! I don’t think the Boy would take this on, even for $5000.

Now don’t get me wrong.  The Boy has been pretty involved in the planning of our wedding. He’s not always eager.  And he’s not always as enthusiastic as I’d like. But he’s present.  He comes to the appointments and our biggest point of contention so far is that he is quite happy to let me make all of the decisions – which can at times add to my stress since I’m looking for help with decisions not MORE decisions to make.  That said, I can firmly assure you the Boy would have no interest in planning the whole thing from beginning to end.

Not to mention – if he did, we would probably have a different wedding.  Just like if I wasn’t consulting him about absolutely anything we wouldn’t have the same wedding.

What do you think readers – male and female

Ladies – Could you turn over all control to your manfriend?  If you’re already married – what do you think would have been different if you had no voice?

Boys – Would you want to plan your wedding yourself?  What would you have done differently if you’re already married, or what do you think the ladies neglect that you would be sure to attend to?

To Cake or Not to Cake

The Boy and I have gone back and forth about cake.

Pro – who doesn’t like cake?

Con – people at weddings – there always seems to be so much left over (I rarely eat cake at weddings – too busy dancing)

Pro – It’s a wedding, there is cake at weddings, therefore we should have cake at our wedding.

Con – Seems like a ridiculous amount of money for flour, sugar, eggs and butter.

Pro – our caterer isn’t charging for cake cutting or plating – dramatically decreasing the overall cost of tradition.

Basically we ended up with more pros than cons, so we went ahead and asked for quotes… and a tasting.

Pro – Cake is delicious and we are REALLY happy with what we’ve picked.

Pro #2 – I remembered that I’m a blogger and this time I took pictures.

We asked for quotes from 3 bakers that were either recommended or we had already personally enjoyed one of their creations.  I heard back from 2 of them.  I told them all the same thing, when we are getting married, and that my big fear is that it will go to waste so we wanted to know if having a small decorated cake and a sheet cake that can easily be transported is the better way to go. I also let them know that we wanted something really simple and I hate fondantButtercream only please.

The first of the two that I heard from – not going to lie, gave me a bit of email attitude.  I didn’t like that. I had forgotten to say our date, so she asked when we were booking for because “I’ve been 80% booked for 2011 since January.”  She also said she prefers fondant – “but there is buttercream underneath” because it looks neater and cleaner and therefore better. I got back to her with a polite(ish) response stating September 10th is our date, and that if she was that booked I presumed she was likely booked for that date.  I heard back “You’re in luck I have one more space available.” Convenient.  While she may have been completely honest with her schedule it came across as email pressure. I don’t like that.  She also wouldn’t give me a firm quote. Only a range – $3.50 – $5.75 per piece.  That’s a pretty big difference.

The second that got back to me was Amy of A Cake Occasion.  Amy’s cakes I had enjoyed before – delicious. I asked if we could have a tasting.  Amy said we could try three flavours, for a small fee (should we book with her the fee would be deducted from our final cost). I sent the flavour list to the Boy and asked him to pick his favourites… he didn’t.  He got overwhelmed by the options.   I asked the Boy about carrot cake – since orange is one of our colours.  He vetoed.  Apparently he still has vivid memories of a slight overindulgence of birthday cake several years ago.

Anyway, he finally made a choice.  Chocolate with chocolate buttercream filling.

I agreed that we would try the chocolate/chocolate.  But I was thinking that our dessert is already molten chocolate lava cake and that’s just too much chocolate.  I picked the other two flavours.  Vanilla cake with strawberries and white buttercream, and Vanilla with Lemon.

We arrived at Amy’s house – just down the street from us in Newmarket and were greeted by three mini cakes.

We had small tastes of all three – and happily took the rest home to extend the deliciousness.

We tried lemon first. Delicious.

Then strawberry – good but since it’s not strawberry season it was a little lacking in strawberryness. But September will be fall strawberry season – generally very sweet and delicious.

Then chocolate.  Oh, the chocolate.  This chocolate cake is quite possible the darkest, richest, fudgiest chocolate cake in the history of the world.

We had a winner.

Next we had to pick a second choice – because let’s be honest that IS a lot of chocolate.  I couldn’t do it.  We’re leaning toward lemon – but every time I look at that flavour list – I get tempted by another flavour.  Vanilla/Vanilla anyone? Or Chocolate and Peanut Butter? Oh wait, we’ve already got a chocolate. Maybe Vanilla and raspberry?

The Boy says I need to make the choice…. it’s killing me.  Luckily Amy says if I want to try others I can and we don’t need to actually tell her what we want until a month before. Awesome.

We talked design with Amy, and decided on something that is clean, simple and she’s going to bring boxes to pack up whatever doesn’t get enjoyed so we can snack on it the next day.

We are super happy with our decision to go with Amy.  She’s young, just starting out exclusively on her own, and a local business.  We like supporting the locals.  We like it even more when the product is DELICIOUS!

Cake – done.

If you need a CAKE for any OCCASION – call Amy! Did I mention it was delicious?

Still here – just exhausted!

Good Morning Everyone!  I hope everyone had a great weekend. I thought I’d kick off the week with a small apology for my absense.  The last couple of weeks have just been so crazy busy – there just haven’t been enough hours in the day for blogging!

I’ve got tons of drafts started with stories I must remember to share, about the Boy, cake, my naturopath, wedding stuff, we just had an engagement party this weekend TONS going on.  But when I get home at night – sleepy sleepy.

My head is still spinning from our Engagement Party this weekend – I’ll write a full post about it for sure, but if it was any indication of how W-day is going to go, it will definitely be a GREAT party and I need to eat more (the Boy DEFINITELY needs to eat more).

W-day plans are moving along fast and furious, and with the Engagement Party come and gone I feel like we are definitely in the full throddle of wedding season.

*insert panic attack here*

For now, I know I missed last YouTube Friday, so I’ll leave you with this short video to get you over your case of the Mondays.

I give you… Ticklish Penguin

You enjoy that while I fill in the details of all these posts I’ve started.

Happy Monday!

Did someone say 5 more months?

It’s April 11.  Which means April 10 was yesterday.  Which means we are now PAST the 5 more months to go point, and we find ourselves with LESS than 5 months to go.

Insert panic attack here.

I said to a friend the other day, I feel like I’ve hit a lull.  We’ve done most of the major stuff.  I fully realize we have a BUNCH of little things to do.  I fully recognize that the little stuff in fact takes more time and energy than the big stuff.  But at 5 more months to go – I feel it’s too early to start thinking about what to put in washroom baskets.

But now.  NOW we’re at less than 5 months.  4 months and a bunch of days.  In a month it will be ONLY 4 months left. And a month after that, I should be paying my beautiful dress its first visit.  And that means it’s practically here.  We might as well be getting married tomorrow and I have nothing done.


What we’ve done so far:

Kept it simple and printed at Staples - easiest invitation ever


What we have coming up:

  • We’re doing a cake tasting this week
  • Planning a trip to visit some tuxedos
  • We really should look at some maids of awesome dresses
  • Engagement Party this weekend!
  • Confirm all readers
  • Choose readings
  • Pick music
  • Start making play lists and do NOT play lists with DJ
  • Start the hunt for W-Day shoes
  • Confirm a make-up artist

I think if I can get these things done this month I’ll continue to feel like I’m on track… or be a puddle on the floor. Good thing I’m still seeing Dr. Bizios my Naturopath who is keeping my stress management on track!

Image from here

The Power of Prayer and Social Media?

No YouTube Friday today kids – something else came up and it’s simply more important.

I have a friend from High School.  His Dad is sick.  Really sick. As in, his heart stopped four times on Tuesday.  Scary.  In the last 5 days he has experienced multiple organ failure.  On Sunday he was golfing. They thought he was a goner but the cat came back and has been making small baby steps getting a little closer to maybe, possibly, getting a little better.  Fingers are still very much crossed, and medical staff has told his family that they have never seen someone make a recovery from being this sick before. 

Never say never.

The interesting part about the whole thing is how my friend has kept his family and friends up to date with what is going on with his dad through Facebook.  He has written a note and continues to update it once or twice a day with how his dad is doing, or what new information the medical team has given them.  Brilliant. 

The outpouring of positive thoughts, prayers and encouraging words that have poured in through my friend’s Facebook page are truly overwhelming.  Having had sick parents and sick siblings before the mass use of social media I can only imagine how this must feel for this family.  Our cell phones now send us a message anytime someone posts something on our wall or comments on something we’ve written.  I can see how it would be so comforting in your darkest hour as a family to have your phone buzz you every few minutes with well wishes, thoughts and prayers from another concerned friend.

When my sister was sick, my great-uncle asked a prayer group at his church to pray for her.  Shortly afterward there was something in the paper about the power of prayer for those that were sick. I tried to Google it to see if I could find anything and it turns out that after numerous studies the results are still inconclusive. But at that time the report was that people fared better if others were praying for them, whether they knew about the prayers or not.  There are other social factors to consider of course, and correlation is not causation – but it always stuck with me as simply interesting to think about.

So, I’m extending this social media blitz of positive thoughts and asking each of you to take simply a moment and send a positive thought of recovery for John Owen.  

I can’t phrase it any better than my friend did himself

“Two good days.  Two days full of thoughts and prayers.  There is no coincidence there.”

Tunes for Running

That’s right – I’m a runner.  JK.   But I did go for Run 2 last night and rocked it! It might be true what they say about gym-ing… the more you do it the better you feel.  Huh.  Perhaps I should have listened a while ago.

Better late than never I say.

So what helps with the running? Tunage. I started with my regular “I like these songs” playlist.  No good.  For running or any kind of -ercise I need to rock out.

So here’s 10 songs on my new “Get Running” playlistCharlotte and I rocked it last night!

  1. Britney Spears – Toxic
  2. The Black Eyed Peas – Boom Boom Pow
  3. LMFAO – Party Rock Anthem (I think I could run for 30 minutes straight to this song… maybe not)
  4. Flo Rida – Low
  5. The Fratellis – Henrietta
  6. Cee Lo Green – Forget You – (I find it less angry than the original)
  7. The Black Eyed Peas – The Time (Dirty Bit)
  8. P!nk – Raise Your Glass
  9. Lady GaGa – Born This Way
  10. No Doubt – Just a Girl

What’s on your Gym mix?

A-Z of Long Weekend Whirlwind

The Boy and I went to my cousin’s wedding. I was thinking of how to sum up a whirlwind trip jam-packed with family fun… I’m going to attempt to do it alphabetically:

Aeroplan – How we were able to make the trip.  My parents seem to have accumulated excessive points so they generously donated some to our cause and we just paid the tax.  Sweet!

Banff – The Boy and I escaped the family clutches for a quick trip to Banff to meet BFF Kate and her new manfriend.  I wish we had mountains in Ontario… and Kates and manfriends too.

Calgary – where we were for most of the weekend. Duh.

Dancing – The Boy did dance with me, but only once he was good and ready. The parents danced up a storm.

Eleven – Number of kids under the age of 7 that were at my uncle’s house on Sunday – organized chaos!

Family – I’ve got a big one.

Grandchildren – We were able to take a picture with my Grandmother and all of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren that were at the wedding… there were 14 grandchildren and one great-baby.  Does that seem like a lot? Did I mention that there were 16 grandchildren missing and 9 greats?  That’s 40 kids for those that have trouble with the math.

Holiday – Even though it was a quick trip, this time of year is a great time for a holiday… even if you go somewhere cold.

iPhone – All of my pictures were from my iPhone since Sista has my camera.  I’m impressed.

Jim – Father of the Bride and my Uncle who just got an iPhone.  Cousins be warned no one is safe…. Jim’s taking video and uploading to YouTube!

Kids – Being one of the older kids in the family here’s a question, when did all of these little ones become legally drinking big kids?  I know it’s not a huge age difference between some of us, but if I’ve changed your diaper you are forever age 6 in my head… seeing you otherwise disturbs me.

Love – Lots of love for the Bride and Groom – why else would we make the trek… especially in March!

Marriage – What we went to celebrate, and celebrate we did! I loved that their ceremony and reception was reflective of them, and the reception super fun.  From Buddha place-card holders, to named tables – simple and beautiful!

Neeel-Lawn – How the Westerner’s say Mom’s maiden name (their last name).  When the Justice of the Peace said my cousin’s name the Boy leaned over and said – “As if they said her name wrong!” I explained that’s how these Calgarians say it.  We talked about it the next day and cousin says she heard recently that they all say it weird.  News to her.

Over-yarned – I was worried about the dreaded under-yarn.  But instead I went to the other extreme.  Forgetting that I would be exhausted on the flight there, busy the entire 4 days, and only able to really knit on the way home  – I packed about 4 different projects and only worked on one. That said, I’d rather over-yarn than under-yarn any day.

Paul – The newest member of the family! Just when he was thinking he knew everyon ein the family – a whole new group came from Ontario… and that STILL wasn’t everyone.  Paul – every family is a little weird… there’s just A LOT more of us than in most.

Quartz – Rose quartz that is.  One of my fave parts of the ceremony.  All the guests were asked to hold a piece of rose quartz in their hand and put a wish or intention for the couple into the stone. They collected all of the stones and they will be kept in their home as a reminder of all the love on their wedding day!  Beautiful!

Readers – I found out where all those stats are coming from! Thanks family for reading my blog!

Stacey – The reason for the season.  This little lady was one beautiful bride!

The Boy – The family all gave me shit for not calling the Boy by name on my blog.  You can imagine what they had to say when I told them that’s his name on my phone too! They were happy to re-meet him and remind themselves of his for real name.

Uncles – My mom is the oldest of 10 kids.  5 girls and 5 boys.  4 of the boys are in Calgary and this weekend we got to see all the uncles.  Love them!

Venison – Didn’t get to eat any, but was reminded everyday where that delicious treat comes from…. a baby Bambi Head right above our bed. Single tear.

Weather – We saw it all. Sun, rain and a lot of SNOW.  W-day for Cousin was an absolute Blizzard.  30 cm/12 inches – ish.  The next day? Beautiful and melting.  That’s Calgary!

eXcited – Going to a wedding certainly got us excited for our own!

Yikes – What I said when I got to work this morning and opened 57 emails + the 20 I received today + our work website broke when I was away.  That’ll teach me for leaving for a few days!

Zzzzz – I had high hopes of going to the gym today and tricking the jet-lag into thinking it wasn’t going to get me and move on.  It didn’t work.  By 4:30 today I was exhausted.  My friend Milena told me today your soul takes 3 days to catch up to you when you travel… so by that theory my soul just figured out I was in Calgary… and I left again.

YouTube Friday

I was recently involved in a discussion led by a sketchy stranger (yes, it was Ricky) as to why anyone would choose to study history.  Of course I was shocked by this question, and would have a rather difficult time coming up with reasons why studying history is a waste of time (as so many people seem to presume). 

History rocks fools! It’s super awesome, it gives you a much better understanding of how the world exists now – study the past to understand the present and all that jazz. It’s all about people – and as Dr. Seuss told me so many years ago – “A person’s a person, no matter how small.”  More than that though – there are so many fun things in history that why wouldn’t you want to learn all about them.

Ricky didn’t get it.

I didn’t expect that he would.

Then this week I came across this video over at Mason-Dixon Knitting – one of my new fave knitting blogs.  It may not explain my love of history completely… but I do wish I had the Bronte sisters in my doll collection! And the Brontesaurus who comes with “Barrier breaking feminist vision” it can’t get much better than that!  And I certainly hope that using my brain will one day make HISTORY! 

Do you think we could register for these?


Happy Weekend!