The Power of Prayer and Social Media?

No YouTube Friday today kids – something else came up and it’s simply more important.

I have a friend from High School.  His Dad is sick.  Really sick. As in, his heart stopped four times on Tuesday.  Scary.  In the last 5 days he has experienced multiple organ failure.  On Sunday he was golfing. They thought he was a goner but the cat came back and has been making small baby steps getting a little closer to maybe, possibly, getting a little better.  Fingers are still very much crossed, and medical staff has told his family that they have never seen someone make a recovery from being this sick before. 

Never say never.

The interesting part about the whole thing is how my friend has kept his family and friends up to date with what is going on with his dad through Facebook.  He has written a note and continues to update it once or twice a day with how his dad is doing, or what new information the medical team has given them.  Brilliant. 

The outpouring of positive thoughts, prayers and encouraging words that have poured in through my friend’s Facebook page are truly overwhelming.  Having had sick parents and sick siblings before the mass use of social media I can only imagine how this must feel for this family.  Our cell phones now send us a message anytime someone posts something on our wall or comments on something we’ve written.  I can see how it would be so comforting in your darkest hour as a family to have your phone buzz you every few minutes with well wishes, thoughts and prayers from another concerned friend.

When my sister was sick, my great-uncle asked a prayer group at his church to pray for her.  Shortly afterward there was something in the paper about the power of prayer for those that were sick. I tried to Google it to see if I could find anything and it turns out that after numerous studies the results are still inconclusive. But at that time the report was that people fared better if others were praying for them, whether they knew about the prayers or not.  There are other social factors to consider of course, and correlation is not causation – but it always stuck with me as simply interesting to think about.

So, I’m extending this social media blitz of positive thoughts and asking each of you to take simply a moment and send a positive thought of recovery for John Owen.  

I can’t phrase it any better than my friend did himself

“Two good days.  Two days full of thoughts and prayers.  There is no coincidence there.”


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