Did someone say 5 more months?

It’s April 11.  Which means April 10 was yesterday.  Which means we are now PAST the 5 more months to go point, and we find ourselves with LESS than 5 months to go.

Insert panic attack here.

I said to a friend the other day, I feel like I’ve hit a lull.  We’ve done most of the major stuff.  I fully realize we have a BUNCH of little things to do.  I fully recognize that the little stuff in fact takes more time and energy than the big stuff.  But at 5 more months to go – I feel it’s too early to start thinking about what to put in washroom baskets.

But now.  NOW we’re at less than 5 months.  4 months and a bunch of days.  In a month it will be ONLY 4 months left. And a month after that, I should be paying my beautiful dress its first visit.  And that means it’s practically here.  We might as well be getting married tomorrow and I have nothing done.


What we’ve done so far:

Kept it simple and printed at Staples - easiest invitation ever


What we have coming up:

  • We’re doing a cake tasting this week
  • Planning a trip to visit some tuxedos
  • We really should look at some maids of awesome dresses
  • Engagement Party this weekend!
  • Confirm all readers
  • Choose readings
  • Pick music
  • Start making play lists and do NOT play lists with DJ
  • Start the hunt for W-Day shoes
  • Confirm a make-up artist

I think if I can get these things done this month I’ll continue to feel like I’m on track… or be a puddle on the floor. Good thing I’m still seeing Dr. Bizios my Naturopath who is keeping my stress management on track!

Image from here


One response

  1. The do not play list is super important. At my friend’s wedding everyone kept requesting Shout and the DJ kept turning them down at the bride’s request. She was so very happy about that.

    Oh…and the shoes. Super imporant. Have to be comfortable!

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