Still here – just exhausted!

Good Morning Everyone!  I hope everyone had a great weekend. I thought I’d kick off the week with a small apology for my absense.  The last couple of weeks have just been so crazy busy – there just haven’t been enough hours in the day for blogging!

I’ve got tons of drafts started with stories I must remember to share, about the Boy, cake, my naturopath, wedding stuff, we just had an engagement party this weekend TONS going on.  But when I get home at night – sleepy sleepy.

My head is still spinning from our Engagement Party this weekend – I’ll write a full post about it for sure, but if it was any indication of how W-day is going to go, it will definitely be a GREAT party and I need to eat more (the Boy DEFINITELY needs to eat more).

W-day plans are moving along fast and furious, and with the Engagement Party come and gone I feel like we are definitely in the full throddle of wedding season.

*insert panic attack here*

For now, I know I missed last YouTube Friday, so I’ll leave you with this short video to get you over your case of the Mondays.

I give you… Ticklish Penguin

You enjoy that while I fill in the details of all these posts I’ve started.

Happy Monday!


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