To Cake or Not to Cake

The Boy and I have gone back and forth about cake.

Pro – who doesn’t like cake?

Con – people at weddings – there always seems to be so much left over (I rarely eat cake at weddings – too busy dancing)

Pro – It’s a wedding, there is cake at weddings, therefore we should have cake at our wedding.

Con – Seems like a ridiculous amount of money for flour, sugar, eggs and butter.

Pro – our caterer isn’t charging for cake cutting or plating – dramatically decreasing the overall cost of tradition.

Basically we ended up with more pros than cons, so we went ahead and asked for quotes… and a tasting.

Pro – Cake is delicious and we are REALLY happy with what we’ve picked.

Pro #2 – I remembered that I’m a blogger and this time I took pictures.

We asked for quotes from 3 bakers that were either recommended or we had already personally enjoyed one of their creations.  I heard back from 2 of them.  I told them all the same thing, when we are getting married, and that my big fear is that it will go to waste so we wanted to know if having a small decorated cake and a sheet cake that can easily be transported is the better way to go. I also let them know that we wanted something really simple and I hate fondantButtercream only please.

The first of the two that I heard from – not going to lie, gave me a bit of email attitude.  I didn’t like that. I had forgotten to say our date, so she asked when we were booking for because “I’ve been 80% booked for 2011 since January.”  She also said she prefers fondant – “but there is buttercream underneath” because it looks neater and cleaner and therefore better. I got back to her with a polite(ish) response stating September 10th is our date, and that if she was that booked I presumed she was likely booked for that date.  I heard back “You’re in luck I have one more space available.” Convenient.  While she may have been completely honest with her schedule it came across as email pressure. I don’t like that.  She also wouldn’t give me a firm quote. Only a range – $3.50 – $5.75 per piece.  That’s a pretty big difference.

The second that got back to me was Amy of A Cake Occasion.  Amy’s cakes I had enjoyed before – delicious. I asked if we could have a tasting.  Amy said we could try three flavours, for a small fee (should we book with her the fee would be deducted from our final cost). I sent the flavour list to the Boy and asked him to pick his favourites… he didn’t.  He got overwhelmed by the options.   I asked the Boy about carrot cake – since orange is one of our colours.  He vetoed.  Apparently he still has vivid memories of a slight overindulgence of birthday cake several years ago.

Anyway, he finally made a choice.  Chocolate with chocolate buttercream filling.

I agreed that we would try the chocolate/chocolate.  But I was thinking that our dessert is already molten chocolate lava cake and that’s just too much chocolate.  I picked the other two flavours.  Vanilla cake with strawberries and white buttercream, and Vanilla with Lemon.

We arrived at Amy’s house – just down the street from us in Newmarket and were greeted by three mini cakes.

We had small tastes of all three – and happily took the rest home to extend the deliciousness.

We tried lemon first. Delicious.

Then strawberry – good but since it’s not strawberry season it was a little lacking in strawberryness. But September will be fall strawberry season – generally very sweet and delicious.

Then chocolate.  Oh, the chocolate.  This chocolate cake is quite possible the darkest, richest, fudgiest chocolate cake in the history of the world.

We had a winner.

Next we had to pick a second choice – because let’s be honest that IS a lot of chocolate.  I couldn’t do it.  We’re leaning toward lemon – but every time I look at that flavour list – I get tempted by another flavour.  Vanilla/Vanilla anyone? Or Chocolate and Peanut Butter? Oh wait, we’ve already got a chocolate. Maybe Vanilla and raspberry?

The Boy says I need to make the choice…. it’s killing me.  Luckily Amy says if I want to try others I can and we don’t need to actually tell her what we want until a month before. Awesome.

We talked design with Amy, and decided on something that is clean, simple and she’s going to bring boxes to pack up whatever doesn’t get enjoyed so we can snack on it the next day.

We are super happy with our decision to go with Amy.  She’s young, just starting out exclusively on her own, and a local business.  We like supporting the locals.  We like it even more when the product is DELICIOUS!

Cake – done.

If you need a CAKE for any OCCASION – call Amy! Did I mention it was delicious?


4 responses

  1. Mmmm…this sounds/looks delicious. I’m glad you found a good baker who isn’t passive-aggressive via email. And I completely agree about fondant. No fondant ever.

    And who likes cake at weddings? Pregnant ladies.

  2. Right now I’m eating salad. Know what I’d rather be eating? Cake. Specifically, that chocolate cake. It looks divine. I also have a feeling that your finished cake is going to look awesome because even the tiny little samples are adorable. I think you made a very smart choice.

    Oh and my choice for a second cake would be vanilla with raspberry.

  3. I read this post before I went to bed, and I had a dream about it.

    I kid you NOT.

    Now, it’s Good Friday and every store (including mine) is closed.

    I think I had better pre-heat the oven then!

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