Rich Groom, Poor Groom?

The groom nerviously awaits his bride.

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Is this new? Or just to me? *Edit – I’ve checked the site and apparently I caught the series premiere, lucky me!*

Rich Bride, Poor Bride has turned into Rich Groom Poor GroomFor REALS!

Concept – Bride gives up control and decision input for a $5000 budget boost.

They have a wedding planner.  They sit down together to go over the basics – numbers, type of ceremony.  All the details are given to the groom.  The bride comes in and chooses a “Surprise” – one aspect of the wedding that she gets to choose.

I CANNOT IMAGINE! I don’t think the Boy would take this on, even for $5000.

Now don’t get me wrong.  The Boy has been pretty involved in the planning of our wedding. He’s not always eager.  And he’s not always as enthusiastic as I’d like. But he’s present.  He comes to the appointments and our biggest point of contention so far is that he is quite happy to let me make all of the decisions – which can at times add to my stress since I’m looking for help with decisions not MORE decisions to make.  That said, I can firmly assure you the Boy would have no interest in planning the whole thing from beginning to end.

Not to mention – if he did, we would probably have a different wedding.  Just like if I wasn’t consulting him about absolutely anything we wouldn’t have the same wedding.

What do you think readers – male and female

Ladies – Could you turn over all control to your manfriend?  If you’re already married – what do you think would have been different if you had no voice?

Boys – Would you want to plan your wedding yourself?  What would you have done differently if you’re already married, or what do you think the ladies neglect that you would be sure to attend to?


6 responses

  1. You might think I’m crazy, but this would be my dream come true! If I were to ever have a wedding, it would have to be planned by someone else! Unfortunately, I don’t think my boyfriend cares about a wedding either. I foresee a trip to the courthouse in our future!

  2. I would never do this. I’m far too much of a control freak and J’s got some nutty ideas. He once told me he wanted Ramble On Rose by The Grateful Dead to be our wedding song. So yeah…$50,000 wouldn’t even be enough to get me to let J plan everything.

  3. I would totally let him do it!!!!

    HOWEVER, I would quite likely complain about things later, so it wouldn’t be in our best interest 🙂

  4. My boy would rather be tarred and feathered than do that, and I would rather be tarred and feathered than let him. This show would be hilarious though, and I would love to watch. Hopefully I can find it online, since our Danish cable network is nothing special.

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