Obama Rocking it this weekend

I don’t tend to watch a whole lot of C-SPAN.  First of all I’m Canadian, second who spends lots of time watching C-SPAN?  But on Saturday night I happened to be flicking around and I came across The White House Correspondents Dinner. OMG this is the Obama everyone fell in love with in 2008.  THIS guy is HILARIOUS!

And who followed that awesome performance?

And through it all The Donald sat stone faced – clearly not finding the humour in his own ridiculousness.  He commented to Fox News on Sunday morning – The American people are suffering – accusing the President of not talking about the issues.   I can only assume that birth certificates are what the American people are really concerned about, I know it keeps me up at night.   On Seth Meyers The Donald said his delivery wasn’t very good – “he’s a stutterer.”   Seriously Donald why don’t you just go on Fox and admit it – you’ve got nothing. 

And then just when you thought it couldn’t get any better… we had this speech last night

My friend Mark has changed his Facebook Picture and for me it pretty much sums up this weekend…



4 responses

  1. Yes…this weekend he was the president I knew and loved…way back before he was actually the president.

    Now, if he can come off this and actually get some things done? That would be awesome.

    Also Seth Meyer is adorable. And Donald Trump has no sense of humor.

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