Really Canada? Really?

We had a Federal election yesterday, and for the first time in 7 years we have a majority government.  It’s not the party I voted for. In fact the party I voted for seems to have imploded.  Lack of leadership is my theory.

Here’s the part that I don’t get… our majority government is Conservative.  Right side of the political spectrum, which means privatization.  Tackling the deficit by cutting “waste” (read social services), privatizing health care, incarcerating youth offenders, not “anti-abortion” per se – but they won’t fund pro-choice organizations. Not to mention sneaky underhanded control of media and what political information is released to Canadians.  Fine. I don’t agree, but that’s what Canadians have elected in – I guess I have to live with it.

Our new Official Opposition is New Democrat Party  (NDP).  NDP is our furthest party to the Left of the spectrum (of the big three).  They run their campaigns on helping the average Canadian family.  Bring seniors out of poverty by increasing Social Security, tax cuts for small businesses that are creating new jobs, focus on the environment, support for over-extended hospitals by hiring more doctors and nurses. Spend money on social services great in my books – but there’s always a distinct lack of International presence with NDP.  What are you going to do at the table with the big boys?

Two VERY different parties.  Two VERY differnt perspectives, platforms, and plans.  And the puzzling thing to me is our country has split between right (167 seats) and left (102 seats).

If only there was some kind of middle ground? 

Oh wait! It’s the Liberals.  Sitting just right of centre, the Liberals are all about supporting Canadians while controlling excessive spending, applying more tax for those that can afford it.  Keeping health care public, and ensuring it continues to function for everyone.  Representing Canada on the world stage as a distinct and honourable nation – not America Jr. 

And what happened? They imploded.  The worst showing of Liberal representation in history.  Again, my theory is lack of leadership.  Ignatieff it seems is too smart for the political game.  He’s too much of an academic, and doesn’t have enough charisma.  So what happens? The Liberal vote gets split into those that would rather push themselves further left than they might be comfortable with in the hope that there would not be another Conservative government.  And those that swing further right because they can’t imagine what an NDP leadership would look like.

Solution?  Well, there isn’t one – not for another 4 years anyway.  Now that Conservatives have won a majority, the opposition cannot pass a vote of non-confidence.  So what’s the plan for the next 4 years for the Liberal party? Find a leader.  Find a leader that Canadians can rally behind. Find some charisma.  And without being America Jr. – find our Obama.

With all of the Liberal drama yesterday a Blue sweep of the Greater Toronto Area, and an Orange sweep of Quebec, one guy held strong and won his Quebec riding by over 2000 votes.

Justin Trudeau? Your country needs you.

Rant over.  Photo from here


6 responses

  1. I can barely keep up with American politics these days, so following Canadian politics is a bit difficult. However, it seems that your Liberal party is exactly what we are missing here in America…people who are somewhere in the middle.

    It’s a shame that they can’t seem to get it together enough to actually have a great leader representing them.

    And if your party does get its own Obama, try to make sure he’s going to follow through on all his charismatic speech!

  2. Don’t forget the other historical part of the election… the Green Party won it’s first seat in Parliament! 🙂 May not be the best party for running the government, but it’s a much needed voice in the House of Commons.

    • Good call Julie! I found it really interesting when I did the CBC’s Canada Votes survey to see what party you are most aligned with I came up hovering around the Green Party. But the way that our electoral system works really prevents me from considering that vote. The frustrating part about our system for a lot of people I think. But nonetheless the Green Party does have a seat now and I completely agree it’s a small but much needed voice!

  3. Great Post! I too am puzzled by the obliteration of the Liberal Party. Ignatieff seemed to be a great guy – beyond intelligent, a humanitarian – and would be a great representative for Canada on the world stage. Very puzzling indeed.

    • Too intelligent, not shady enough. And if you’re going to be both of those things and not have a personality to back it up – you get forgotten. That’s my theory anyway.

  4. I have always found following Canadian politics to be a bit difficult. This last election has sparked so much activity over my facebook page, and my majorly politically active, anti conservative Uncle nearly needed to be hospitalized, so that has forced me to do some research. Everything I read was too wordy and not to the point, so I want to say a huge Thank You for this simple, easy to follow post! I feel so smart now, and able to argue with my bf who claimed yesterday, if he was Canadian, he would have voted conservative. We almost broke up haha jk

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