What’s in a name 2.0 – YouTube Friday

Twice as nice today since you get the follow-up to yesterday’s post on changing my name and also a couple of videos (it is Friday after all)

First let’s reminisce on another couple who had to make this big decision:

Sure Phoebe had fun with it, and that’s what I think of mostly that it will be fun to have the same name – and it’s just a name after all.

But then sometimes… sometimes I over think it.  And I have a slight panic attack.  Like when Chandler hear’s Monica’s message on the answering machine – “You have reached The Bings!”

I tried desperately to find this video on YouTube – but could only get it on the TBS website – you’ll have to go there I couldn’t embed.

It feels like giving up a piece of myself.  And the injustice of it all kinda bugs me too – why do I have to change and HE doesn’t?  That doesn’t seem fair.

Anyway, this is all bouncing around in my head but the bottom line is – I want us to have the same last name.  Many of the pro comments that I received yesterday really captured why I’ve leaned that way.  I want to be one family. I don’t want to explain my principles to everyone I meet.  Marriage is a big deal and I’m happy to recognize it as such. It will be easier for any future littles.  So I WILL be changing my name.  (Typing that feels so official) I do plan to hold it over the Boy for many years to come – using it as a bargaining chip whenever I deem appropriate – “I changed my name for you – the least you can do is [insert thing I don’t want to do here]”

And it leads me to this next thought.  Tomorrow is my birthday (yeah)! It’s my last birthday of my twenties (boo).  Which means The Twenties Roar only makes sense for another 366 days (panic). I’ve been thinking about a blog redesign for a while now.  And thanks to the SITS girls I’ve been getting some great lessons on branding.  When I started The Twenties Roar back in October 2009 I thought about the finite amount of time I would have in my twenties, but chose it anyway for 3 reasons.

  1. Who would have thought I would still be blogging 2 or 3 years later
  2. I certainly wasn’t thinking of a brand – and assumed only my mom would be reading it.
  3. I had an equally brilliant historically punny title for May 8th 2012.

The Dirty Thirties – because the thirties are all about kids, and kids are all about poop, and poop is dirty.  And also it continues the theme of history jokes titles.  And I find that clever and funny even if no one else does.

But now I’m losing my name.  And thinking about blog redesign a year early – so I’m thinking of changing my blog name to something that incorporates my (soon to be old) last name.  Weldon. Or Well Done as is likely the case.

But this is poses another problem again for 3 reasons:

  1. I can’t think of a new blog name.
  2. That’s changing TWO names at once which is causing me much more stress
  3. I like the Twenties Roar and I can’t think of a historically punny name that incorporates Well Done.

I’m planning on recruiting some family brainstorming this weekend. The Boy says I’ve got another year of The Twenties Roar so why rush it.

I’m requesting that you put on your thinking caps people and weigh in again with your brilliant creative ideas.  Should I rename The Twenties Roar?  Should I brand The Twenties Roar or just do a redesign and wait a year to brand a new blog when I’m the big 3-0? If I’m going to change my blog title – is sooner better than later?

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