Did somebody say 4 months to go?

I know I’ve said this before – but honestly I feel pretty okay with wedding plans until I get to these countdown/update posts.  And then, my panic attack kicks in.

Nonetheless, here it is for better or worse:

  • I’ve finished our wed-site
  • We learned some ultimate party survival strategies at our Engagement Party
  • Sista and I went dress shopping and made a decision about b-maid dresses (first official outing – one dress) all the girls have yet to try them on, so I’ll post about that at the end of the month
  • After looking in bridal stores casually – my Mom waltzed into a Non-Mother-of-the-Bride store and bought the first dress she tried on.  She’s going to look STUNNING!
  • We asked all of our readers to participate and they all graciously agreed – now to choose some readings for them.
  • We’re in the middle of a tux vs. suit debate for the boys… details to follow once a decision is made.
  • We made a decision to go Pro-cake. Still haven’t emailed our baker about a flavour.
  • We taste tested a local restaurant as a contender for our rehearsal Dinner.
  • I got my ears pierced – so I can look like a grown-up on W-day
  • I’ve been gifted my W-day earrings – but still yet to see them
  • I made a decision on W-day shoes, they’re not orange, but they’re pretty!
  • After much debate I made a decision about changing my name
  • I booked a make-up artist for the day, but am still not convinced I made the right choice.
  • I celebrated the last birthday of my roaring twenties, and the last as a single lady.

On the To-Do List:

  • I REALLY need to order invitations
  • A friend of my mom’s has offered to do our centrepieces for us – it is going to involve a trip to a wholesale warehouse and an overwhelming feeling of information overload I’m sure.
  • These boys need to get together and make a decision about what to wear – but it largely depends on what a suit will cost for the Boy (an example of when being a giant is not so handy)
  • We have an Engagement Photo session coming up in early June – they’re going to be awesome and I’m so excited to tell you all about it.
  • Choose readings and songs for the Ceremony and Reception
  • Meet with our Priest to see how far we can push Catholic traditions – I just read the overview on our church’s website and I’m having a small anxiety attack.
  • Thinking about thinking about gifts for our w-party
  • Choose a date for our rehearsal, and a location for a rehearsal dinner.
  • Go b-maid dress shopping and make the order
  • Celebrate the Boy’s big 3-0 and his last birthday as a single gent.


Photo from here


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