First things first – Happy Birthday Mom! If it weren’t for you I couldn’t have enjoyed a wonderful birthday weekend (because you know – I wouldn’t be here and all).

By birthday has a tendency to sneak up on the Boy.  He always comes through in the end but usually about a week before we have a conversation something along the lines of:

Me – “What are your elaborate plans for my birthday”

Boy – “Oh shoot – that’s coming up soon isn’t it.”

Me – “Yes”

Boy – “What do you want to do?”

Me – “I plan your birthdays – you can plan mine.”

Boy – “Okay”

Then he gives me absolutely no clues for a few days before – leaving me to think he’s forgotten again.

This year I suggested dinner at one of our rehearsal dinner possibilities as an option and it was the first weekend of our local farmers’ market.

Well, the Boy did really well with the birthday plans. I really had a perfect day:

9:00am – Boy gave me his gift prefaced with “I hope you’re not disappointed.”  Encouraging. He gave me his phone with the National Ballet website on the screen – we’re enjoying our first ballet together after nearly 9 years.  He thought it might be disappointing because he hasn’t actually bought the tickets – but I certainly wasn’t disappointed because I qualify for DanceBreak for one more year. SCORE!

11:00am – Mom made her way to our house and we went up the street to our local farmers market.  Slightly disappointing because there wasn’t very much there – I thought there would be asparagus but no.  So we bought a whole healthy chicken and went for brunch.

11:30 – Birthday brunch at local tea house.  The Boy was disappointed by his sandwich – but the delicious buttertarts made up for it.

12:15 – The Boy went to get some farmers’ market french fries to make up for his disappointing lunch… they were sold out.  Wahwah.

1:00 – We made our way to Canadian Tire to pick up supplies for cleaning up our patio. And to the mall to get the Boy a new hat. (You’d think it was his birthday!)

3:00 – Headed home to clean up the patio.  The Boy insisted that I not get dirty or work too hard so I wouldn’t have to shower before dinner.

5:00 – Patio is BEAUTIFUL!

6:00 – Dinner at Aqua Grill.  The Boy was insistent that we be there for 6, telling me that if we ate early maybe we could see a movie.  I didn’t really think anything of it other than – 6 is really early to eat on a Saturday night, but that’s fine.  We walked in and I saw Sista and her manfriend and I was genuinely surprised.  And confused.  My first thought was – “Hey there’s Sista and her manfriend – what a coincidence! Looks like they’re waiting for someone, I wonder who they’re meeting? Oh wait…. I think they’re waiting for me! WOW!”  Another year older… a little slower.

My brother met us there too and we all enjoyed a delicious dinner – though the Boy could have enjoyed two of his dinner – perhaps he should have eaten more through the day.

We enjoyed some delicious bevvies back at home and considered bowling but it turns out there is only 5-pin at the neighbourhood bowling alleys.  SO we had more delicious bevvies instead.

All in all it was a great last b-day as a singleton.  Next month it’s the Boy’s last single boy b-day… and it’s a BIG one.  I better start planning.


3 responses

  1. First…happy birthday…to you and mom!

    Second…I really have to try these butter tarts that my Canadian friends are always talking about. There must be somewhere to get them in NY.

    Third…now that I know you love the ballet…we will have to take one in when you come to town. My cousin is actually a dancer with the NYC Ballet and while I don’t get free tickets, I do get great seats!

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