YouTube Friday – This one’s for the Girls

This is going to seem random.  It’s seems that way because it is.

The first video was discovered by a friend of mine and it is such a hidden gem and the timing is just crazy.

I give you – deleted Friends scene The One Where Racheal Tells – (Or the one where Monica and Chandler go on their honeymoon)

The second video – is more of a tribute.  BFF Kate is in town for a WHOLE week and I thought I’d welcome her with a classic that is definitely ending up on the “to play” list on W-day! (Kate – I suggest we start practicing our choreographed dancing!)

Ahh, Billy Joel.  This reminds me – I’ve got to start working on our DJ play and do not play list.

So if you’ve got requests – I want to hear them!

Have a great LONG weekend!


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