Clean Eating Challenge

I heart someone.  Yes, the Boy of course. But someone else.  Her name is Dr. Bizios. She is my Naturopath.  She makes my tummy happy and she is psychic.  I started seeing her about 3ish years ago.  A while ago.

At that time I was a sick little girl.  I had insane stomach cramps after everything I ate.  Routinely I would be curled in a ball on the couch after dinner while my tummy did somersaults and I was sure it was making a break for it.  On top of that I was getting Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) every three months.  Like clockwork. Eventually I simply got sick of being sick.  And I turned to Google.

I think finding my Naturopath through Google might be the exact point in history where I became obsessed with Google.  I now stand firm that Google always has the answer.  It found my Dr. Bizios after all.

I digress.

Dr. Bizios or “The Bizios” as we refer to in our house started me on an allergen free diet (Basically, no wheat, no sugar, no dairy (yogurt is okay), no red meat, limited chicken and turkey, no eggs, no soy, limited fruit, no black tea… a few other things I’m probably forgetting too). She’s tricky The Bizios – she said “Let’s try this for a month” and each month I went back to her we “tried it” for one more.  Slowly but surely I started to feel better.  I was less bloated and I didn’t feel like I was going to die after eating.  My tummy and I were becoming friends again. (Dr. Bizios would say this is misleading – I did not in fact have problems with my stomach – I had problems with my gut, and my liver, my kidneys, my bladder and my intestine)  The UTIs stopped.  That was probably the best part. I had one more, treated it naturally and they were gone for good. I lost close to 25 pounds.

It was glorious.

Then I started working full-time and was living about an hour out of the city – when traffic was decent.  I stopped seeing Dr. Bizios.  It was very sad.  But she stayed with me in spirit and even inspired the tagline of my blog.  On my last visit she said “Oh Meaghan, this is just SUCH an exciting time!”  I laughed at her.  It didn’t feel exciting.  It felt stressful. 

Then I moved in with the Boy.  It was exciting. But it was also a big change I was taking on and my healthy food consciousness started getting lazy.

More on that tomorrow.


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  1. I seriously cut back on dairy about six months ago. A few weeks ago, I had a little, well kind of big, dairy binge. I have never experienced such insane abdominal cramping, pain, bloating, and wild gurgling and noises. I feel so much better when dairy and red meat free! It is hard at times, but so worth it! Good luck!

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