YouTube Friday – This one’s for the boys

The Boy doesn’t watch YouTube Friday.  He says it’s not his favourite feature.  Sometimes he’ll watch – but most of the time he skips it.  He’s not a big YouTube fan actually – I know can you believe it?

My brother does watch YouTube Friday – unless of course I post anything with any kind of depth.  Then he’s out.  Feminist poetry slamsNo thanksMuppets? Yes please.

Came across this one this week and thought of my dear brother.  I didn’t even know there was another movie coming out – add Jason Segal and Amy Adams to that and I am sold

But since this isn’t coming out until November – I thought I’d also share a couple of the long list of movies I’m looking forward to this summer.

The Boy will not be going to Vegas or Thailand for his bachelor party.  His BFF is getting married next year and they are going to Vegas for his bachelor party.  I have already informed the Boy that What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas does not apply to married people… or STDs.

I’ve got some serious reading and movie watching to do before I can end the series. Good thing the Hunger Games series will start next year or I might not know what to do with myself!

The Boy and I both agree this movie would be great to see as an entire wedding party – though coordinating a movie date with 10 people in the summer, when one lives in Edmonton might prove to be difficult


What are you looking forward to seeing in theatres?

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