Havin’ a Party that’s Friendly to all

The Boy is turning the big 3-0 this week.  We celebrated in style this weekend with a 14 inning Blue Jays game (I skipped that part and was SO happy I did – I would have been grumpy for sure), and some good ol’ fashioned BBQ.

The Boy and I got prepared the night before cleaning up and making a TON of hamburgers and turkey-burgers.  We wanted to make sure our party was friendly to all of our guests and happily that included a couple of preggos and a couple of veggies.  Do you know all the things that preggos can’t eat? It’s a lengthy list. So we made some adjustments.  I thought I was making myself some “Challenge” friendly food in the process – two birds one stone kind of thing – but apparently the options I provided were too intriguing and I ended up with a turkey-burger (not a terrible choice – so it’s okay) instead of my anticipated portabello mushroom burger.

I had a lot of requests for recipes so I thought it would be easiest to blog about it and trick those kids into coming here to get them everyone could enjoy!

In all the hoopla I completely forgot to take pictures – Worst. Food Blogger. Ever.  You’ll just have to trust me that it all looked delish and tasted great.

To start – Garlic Bread. Pretty standard mince a BUNCH of garlic and mix it with butter and spread across non-naturopath approved bread.  We like to barbeque our garlic bread – it gets super crispy and delicious that way.

Caesar Salad: Did you know that most people don’t make their own salad dressing? This always surprises me.  It’s so easy to make your own dressing and WAY healthier – you know exactly what’s in it!  My normal Caesar Salad dressing includes an egg – preggos can’t have raw eggs – so I had to turn to Google to find a different recipe.  I ended up using a very similar one to my original.  It’s apparently a Rachael Ray recipe and you can find it here.  I added more oil and WAY more garlic (probably 4 cloves and I just throw them in the blender whole).  Are you seeing a theme?  If you’re ever eating at my house please tell me if you have a garlic allergy or aversion to it for some crazy reason, otherwise I might kill you.

Burgers: I made a few different kinds and I know everyone has a different way to make home made burgers – but here are my highlights: GARLIC – lots of it. Ground Flax – a bunch.  Onions, green pepper, whatever other vegetables have been in the fridge a while (this batch featured broccoli and a second pepper) – all thrown in the food processor and pulsed to a pulp.  Sneak those veggies in there and makes great filler.  I also find between the veggies and the flax it makes for a more fibre filled burger – which makes my “Challenge” tummy happier.  I also throw in a bunch of shredded cheddar cheese.

Toppings included – lettuce, tomato, cheese, dill pickles (yuk), avocado, tzatziki, ketchup, mustard, relish, red onions.

The other burger option was a marinated portabello mushroom.  I only bought 5 and I thought the Boy and I would have a couple left over for the week.  WRONG.  These were a HUGE hit.  Portabello mushroom burgers were marinated using this recipe from Canadian Living. The longer you leave them soaking the better I think.  I’m thinking if you were to put them in a large ziploc bag for a while in the marinade they would be even more flavourful – but either way they’re still pretty good!


For dessert the Boy LOVES Baskin ‘n Robbins Pralines and Cream ice cream cake. BUT he was worried there wouldn’t be leftovers. So I made cupcakes instead! Martha Stewart One Bowl Chocolate Cupcakes were not only delicious but SUPER easy and baked perfectly – I love Martha for that.  I frosted them with Chocolate Swiss Meringue Buttercream – adding 8oz of melted dark chocolate to this recipe and reducing the sugar to 1 cup.  I was also out of white sugar so I used brown.  I didn’t know how the meringue would hold up – but it turns out, it doesn’t make a difference.  I frosted 20 cupcakes with the buttercream but preggos and their lack of eggs were causing problems again 🙂 so I used some of the leftover vegan chocolate mousse as icing for the last 4 (hey, if they can’t drink they should get extra cupcakes!).  Unborn baby friendly and super easy!

All in all I think everyone had a good time and I was able to keep up with the challenge pretty well without being a pain in the butt or missing out on all the deliciousness I made.

The Boy was happy to spend the day with all of our friends and he got his favourite birthday treat for dessert at his second birthday celebration on Sunday.


Looks like the Boy got some birthday sun! (He was too quick for my action shot)


Great start to birthday week!

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    • You’re welcome Baby McLean! We wanted to make sure you’re as healthy as humanly possible so we made sure to take good care of Mommy. Now do us all a favour and stay put for another 12 13 17 weeks!

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