Someone is 30 and it’s not Me!

Dear Boy,

Happy Birthday! It’s a pretty big one, and it’s days like today that a little part of me is happy you’ve got a year on me.  I’ve still got another year of Roaring Twenties, while you my dear are firmly planted in the Dirty Thirties as of today.  Hooray!

I kid.  I only tease because you seem unfazed by this monumental b-day.  Just another day to you which is a pretty good attitude I must say.

We’ve got a pretty big year coming up – 100 days to go! And maybe I’ll take just a little minute to say a big thank you for being so awesome through the whole W-day planning process.  You’ve been so level headed and easy going even when I’m going crazy for seemingly no reason (although there’s always a reason).  I love you for that. No wonder we work so well together!

But just because this next year is going super exciting doesn’t mean the last one wasn’t super awesome too let’s review:

 We caught a baseball game at Tiger Stadium

We had a hard time focussing on the game

We went on a mini vacation to Ottawa.  We didn’t get engaged there…

But we DID practice our camouflage skills

We had our first harvest from our own veggie garden

We went to A LOT of weddings and started thinking about our own in 2020

We took in a Shred Kelly concert

We made our (now) annual trip to Florida

While there we watched the Leafs lose… terribly

Oh right! And we got engaged!

We started a hunt for a venue – your favourite new passtime

When we finally found one you were SO excited!

We got our first Christmas tree together

And thought about getting a dog (okay maybe that was just me)

We made our second trip to Calgary

After a long cold winter, spring finally came and you were back on the links

Another year and another decade has passed. But don’t worry – we’ve only just begun!





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