Beets and Cupcakes

Great news everyone! It’s been 3 years since fate tore Sista and I apart.  She moved to Guelph.  She lived with the brother.  She left me.

But now after 3 long hard years…. SHE’S BACK! Hooray! Sista is moving back to Toronto!!  The Boy is probably a little nervous – will he ever see me now that Sista is closer?

Sista is extra excited that she doesn’t have to read this book – “The Girl’s Guide to Homelessness.”  Hooray for her amazing new job in the T-dot!

Our reunion officially started this weekend and conveniently we sent the boys away for our first visit of the new ‘hood. We met one of Sista’s friends (mine too of course but through Sista, so she gets the cred) down in Riverdale and took a little tour through our her new desired neighbourhood… Leslieville.

Oh I am jealous.  Northern Ontario has nothing on the beautiful up and coming neighbourhoods of Toronto.

Restaurants, Wool Stores and Cupcakes OH MY!

We started our tour with some lovely lunch on back patio at Lil’Baci.  Sista and friend both had the beet and goat cheese salad. It was delish, we all agreed on our love of beets and goat cheese the combination is just delightful.  I had the zucchini soup to warm me up on the drizzly gray day – it too was delish.  Lil’Baci – I’ll give you a Twenties Roar recommends.  I assume it will be in your window or on your website by the next time I’m there. I’ve got clout you know.

Next stop? Wandering down Queen Street East checkin’ out some stores and looking for “For Rent” or signs. We came across Bobbette & Belle Bakery and had to stop to enjoy quite possibly the most delicious cupcakes I have ever had.

vanilla cupcake with mango buttercream

That’s right.  They’re better than Starbucks.  I had Vanilla with Mango buttercream (above).  Sista had Vanilla with Vanilla buttercream. Sista’s friend had Chocolate with Peanut Butter buttercream.  Mmmm buttercream.  So creamy.  So good.

I'm acquiring a suprising number of pictures of Sista posing with different thingsSista is a good sport about posing with various things for this little blog.  Her friend K came over and asked why we were taking pictures like tourists?

cupcakes for twoI assumed that meant that K wanted her picture taken too.

We finished off our tour of the ‘hood with a quick trip to The Purple Purl.  K took a card and is considering learning to knit.  I told Sista that if she moves so close to such a fabulous yarn store she needs to learn to knit too… it would be crime against knitting not to.

The final highlights of our tour were all of the other cupcake shops that K took the time to point out to us.  Next time we’re in the ‘hood I vote we take a more active tour and get a taste from each of the 10ish bakeries.  How else can one expect to pick a favourite?

The weekend wasn’t particularly “food challenge” friendly, but it was Sista friendly.  And that’s more important than any W-day deadline.


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