Raw Food + Delicious = Rawlicious!

Each time my mom and I go to see the Bizios  it tends to be after work and by the time she sees us both we are positively starving.  Since we’re in the city we try to take advantage, and Dr. Bizios always has a suggestion or two.

The last time we were down, we decided to take her up on her top suggestion.  Rawlicious.

This is a tiny little restaurant in the Yorkville area of Toronto.  The claims of its name are all true.  Everything is raw.  Everything is delicious.

Mom and I went in at about 7:30 on a Wednesday evening.  We thought we’d be able to easily get a table.

No dice.

Apparently the Bizios wasn’t kidding! Rawlicious is the place to be!

We had the good fortune of sitting in every area of this teeny tiny restaurant, starting at the wing-back chairs in the front window, to the bar, and finally to a table.

It’s a small menu but packed with intriguing choices – and all Challenge friendly for sure!

I kicked things off with a green juice

And we both enjoyed raw spring rolls – which were good, but the rap was a really weird texture.  If you’re a texture person (brother) these are not for you.  Perhaps go with the nachos that also looked delicious.  Sorry I forgot to take a picture.

For dinner?  Mom ventured out and got raw pasta.  Not traditional pasta of course.  Nope, in this case it was zucchini.  Raw spiraled zucchini.  With “Neat Balls” a combination of nuts and seeds and veggies and mystery, and deliciousness.

I took the advice of The Bizios and went with the Taco.  She’d been right so far – so why fight it?  With salsa and guacamole, some kind of secret sauce and a “neat bread” that you would swear is meat, all wrapped up in a delicious leaf of lettuce.

OMG that’s all I can say.  SOOO good!

We wrapped it all up with a Choco Minty smoothie to go. Very minty and once again very delicious.

All in all I gotta say we both absolutely loved the food at Rawlicious. The service left a little to be desired (it was quite busy), yet somehow it all seemed to be part of the experience – and it was very busy.

Since our first visit I took BFF Kate and the Sista there.  We all had tacos but instead of being wrapped in a lettuce leaf they were wrapped in some kind of dehydrated corn tortilla.  It may have looked sketchy but it did not disappoint – even Kate thought so!

New favourite spot to be enjoyed each time we go to see the Bizios.  Which is only once more for the summer… but she’ll be back.  And so will we.


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