Any Requests?

I’ve been dreading it.  I’ve put it off and put it off. But now we’re getting married in 2 1/2 months, people have started to RSVP.  It has to be done.

The Playlist.

I’ve opened our DJ’s site a number of times.  Looked around.  Felt completely overwhelmed and promptly left.

I’ve had input.  Mainly from Mom who has requested “lot’s of Rod Stewart.”  Hmmm.  Not terribly helpful.  Sista has rediscovered a few favourites which are definitely on the list. Orson – No Tomorrow anyone? I’m lovin’ this song right now!

The Boy only likes one band.  So making him happy is easy enough.

We have our significant songs chosen – first dance, last dance, father/daughter (the Boy hasn’t picked a song for him and his mom and would likely appreciate some help in that department), sister dance – you know the basics.

But here’s the problem.  What are we listening to for the other 7 hours? Now I’ve got some favourites that I’ll have no problem adding.  But in an effort to get more than just Britney, Gaga, and Glee a diverse selection I’m asking you dear readers – What do you love to dance to at weddings? All judgement will be reserved.

Leave a message in the comments – Go.


4 responses

  1. I think…if you have a good DJ and you say “The Boy likes The Tragically Hip and I like Gaga and Glee and here are our must plays/special dances” a good DJ should be able to take that info and get a sense of the room and play great music for you to keep the party going. So I wouldn’t worry about coming up with 7 hours worth of music. That’s what you are paying him for. Don’t stress!!

    It’s more important to say “If I hear Celebration by Cool and the Gang or Shout or the Macarena I’m going to poke my eardrums out.”

    For The Boy’s dance with his mother, try My Wish by Rascall Flats. That’s what my brother and mom danced to and it was really nice.

  2. I agree that a good DJ will be able to read the room well and change things up if they aren’t working. I went to a wedding where the bride and groom chose every song and the order and it went horribly wrong. People weren’t dancing, and there was no DJ there to change gears and get people on the dance floor.

    As long as you have a “Don’t Play” list with songs that you absolutely hate, everything will be fine!

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