Catching up and Fitted Sheets

Hey peeps!

I know.  I’ve been seriously MIA lately.  And I owe you several VERY important W-day related posts as well as a Challenge update.  But I’m buying myself another day by addressing a very important issue.

Fitted sheets.

You can thank Shana for this one.  She posted a great list on signs you’re an adult.  I tried to tell her how to fold a fitted sheet since this is something I somehow know how to do and the Sista refuses to learn.  She either puts her sheets right back on her bed, or tricks someone (me) into “showing” her again how to do it. “My brain has better things to remember” is what she claims.  I don’t know what that says about me.

Anyway, I tried to explain it, but decided it really needed pictures. Which means, it should really be its own post.

Here we go, a Twenties Roar How To:

*Note typically I do this all while keeping my left hand in the left corner… but in order to take pictures I had to lay it on the ground.  Proceed in whatever way works for you!

Start by sticking your left hand in the top left corner of the sheet.

Then take the top right corner and turn it inside out. Now tuck it into the top right corner inside the top left corner.

A little blurry - but this is an inside out shot

Almost there!


Next take the bottom right corner and KEEPING IT RIGHT SIDE OUT tuck it into the left top corner.

Last big step.  Take the bottom left corner TURN IT INSIDE OUT and tuck it into the top left corner.

Right side. Wrong side. Right side. Wrong side.

You should now have a squarish rectangle with all four corners neatly tucked inside each other.

See all those neat corners all together?

Fold it in half or thirds depending on the size of your sheet

Folded in half

And in thirds again.

A folded fitted sheet.  A thing of beauty!

Tomorrow – invitations.  Promise.


5 responses

  1. Tucking all the corners into each other! It’s genius.

    I’m seriously going straight home tonight and doing this with the sheets I washed yesterday. Right now they are laying on the couch in a ball.

    Thank you for the wonderful instructions!!!

  2. Wow I am thoroughly impressed with your mad fitted sheet folding skill! I have never been able to do this, my mom tried to teach me am million times, and I just don’t get it. In fact, even reading the steps gave me a massive headache haha. I am just going to have to continue to put them directly on the bed, or pull the genius move of your friend and always get someone else to ‘show’ me how to do it.

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