Engagement Pictures

They came, they finally came! Engagement pictures are here. Hooray! Okay, so it wasn’t actually long at all that I had to wait – our awesome photographer is cool like that.  But I’ve been so looking forward to them ever since we initially met with our photographer.  Before you get to see – no peeking until I’m done – I’ll tell you a little story about how we got to where we were.

The Boy is a country mouse and I am a city girl.  We live in the burbs ie. Northern Ontario but I would love it if we lived in Toronto, and the Boy would love it if we lived on a farm.  In the middle of nowhere. With animals.  And manure.  I would not like this. So we don’t.

When we looked at wedding venues you may recall we ended up at Waterstone Estate and Farm because it was a beautiful combination of the two of us.  The venue is an Estate Home – and it’s beautiful.  The grounds are a working horse farm complete with an old hay barn and acres of green giving the feeling that you’re in the middle of nowhere.

When I first spoke to David at West Photo we talked about our wedding photos and that they would have a largely country feel – being in a barn and all.  When we talked about engagement pictures I asked if we could do them in the city.  At first I was thinking about doing our photos in the alleys of Queen Street West where my boyfriend Rick Mercer does his rants. But then I had a brilliant idea.


My Grandfather on my Mom’s side was a mechanic for TTC and worked on the TTC Streetcars.  My parents and brother and I think a couple Aunts have pictures of Toronto Streetcars in their homes.  I’ve always liked them.  But official art is not exactly in the budget so we made our own!

David thought it was a great idea and I put Dad on the case.  He crafted a well written letter explaining the significance to us and my family.  The TTC was very accommodating and we set a date for early June.  When we got there we had to sport some super awesome vests, for safety.

But then we were off to the races.  David had some concerns that the light inside the streetcar would be terrible, to be honest I had some concerns that the inside would be hideous.  We were both wrong.  The light was awesome and other than the no smoking signs (which will be edited out of the pictures we print) the inside was just as awesome as the outside.

The TTC let us use the PCC Streetcar circa 1950 for an hour on a Sunday afternoon.  The super old ones are also available (who knew) but since they are in heavy storage they require a fee to have someone take them out of storage and my guess is clean it off before you can use it.  Fine by me the PCC is what I had in mind.  Beauty.  Love it! 

After many, many shots inside – we headed outside.


When we went to see them The Boy was a little nervous that they weren’t going to turn out.  Never doubting David’s mad skills but rather his own complete and total discomfort in front of a camera.  He hates having his picture taken.  We had pictures done a couple of years ago and we had to reshoot because he looked so uncomfortable.  But this time it was just us (and my mom sneaking looks while my Dad learned all about the TTC from our friendly supervisor) and the Boy had a beer beforehand seemed much more comfortable. So when he nervously asked if they turned out okay, David reassured him.  “They’re awesome man, and in some of them – you’re not even just a prop!”  Sweet.

I’ve got plans for all these pictures because I love them. LOVE. Did I mention that? Don’t you love them? How can you not? David has offered to help me realize my vision once I figure it out entirely (more on that sometime).  But after seeing these and how quickly and easily he got so many amazing shots we are even more thrilled with our choice of photographer (I didn’t think it was possible but it’s true). 

 The Boy’s take on it all, “David is super quick and clearly loves his job.  I like that.”

What more could you want?

Did you have Engagement pictures done?  Where were yours? Was there a story behind them?

Photo credit where it’s due – all of these awesome shots are from West Photo in Richmond Hill.  Don’t take what’s not yours – it’s impolite.

5 responses

  1. Awww…your pictures are so sweet! You two look so happy and in love, and the boy does look like a natural! What an awesome idea to get the taken on the street cars, and how lucky to have such a good connection. My bf is a farm boy too, and I definitely prefer the city, so I can relate to you…I think the compromises and meeting each other halfway you are doing will make for a gorgeous wedding that represents each of you!

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  3. When I saw your engagement photos on your blog I wanted to contact you, but didn’t see any other way.

    I am an intern with a wedding video company called Storymix Media. We recently ran a contest on our Facebook with HUGE success, so we decided to do it again! Only this time it’s especially for brides-to-be who are blogging wedding bliss! BUT we are limiting it to 30 bloggers so time is of the essence!

    If you’re interested in learning about the contest (A Free Wedding Video and $250 gift card is the prize!) please email me at caitlin@storymixmedia.com.

    Sorry if this sounds spammy 😦

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