Showered with Love

Thank you notes are officially out for this one – at least that’s the story I’m sticking to for why it took me two weeks to blog about it.

You’ve heard about my second family before.  They were there the night we got engaged and we were groupies when one of the band toured Ontario last summer.  I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again – there’s two types of families in this world: the one you’re given and the one you choose.  This party was thrown by our chosen family.  It was awesome and we love them so much.

Highlights of the party include:

  • Coming into a house full of my parents friends, full of hugs and love
  • Finding the Boy in the midst of the masses and having him ask me “Do you know all of these people?” Uhhh YES!
  • The number of people who commented on our wed-site.
  • My Godfather calling the Boy the wrong name in his speech about how much he has enjoyed “following [us] around these last few years”
  • Not learning my lesson and forgetting to eat much during the day.
  • Learning my lesson and making sure to get more than a few bites and cake – I can honestly report the food was definitely delicious!
  • The Boy got over his fear of carrot cake (used to love it until eating 1/4 of a 9″ three-layered cake on the way home from Toronto to London 4 years ago – hasn’t had any since) But who could resist this?

Delicious carrot cake artfully decorated by a beautiful friend


Now let me tell you a little story about our lovely gift.  For this party our generous hosts chose to collect for one group gift.  I knew it would be one of a couple options. But the one they chose – well I was so overwhelmed.

When we went on our first big registering trip the Boy brought his grumpy pants.  He wasn’t miserable but he refused to get excited about it.  He kept groaning about the ridiculousness of the whole custom and “do we really need *insert pretty much anything we registered for here. One of the things he had the hardest time with was cookware.

When I pointed the registry gun at the beautiful beautiful All-Clad Copper Core Stainless Steel cookware set – he lost his mind.  This was our conversation:

Boy – What are you doing?

Meaghan – Choosing the pots and pans that I researched and chose.

B – This is ridiculous

M – No it’s not.

B – We have pots and pans – we bought them a year ago.

M – Yes, we do and we did.  But we paid $20/pot for what we have.

B – They work fine.

M – Yes. They do for now.  But they won’t last forever, and when they fall apart we won’t have 150 people looking to get us a gift.  These are beautiful, awesome and come with a life-time warranty

B – That’s fine. But who is going to buy us this?

M – We’re not asking 1 person to buy us this. And if no one does then we are no worse off.  We still have pots and pans.

B – Whatever. You’re crazy.

So we registered.  And we kind of forgot about it. So when we opened our beautiful beautiful cookware I immediately thought “I am becoming one of those people.  I am positively giddy about pots and pans.”

The Boy I think was floored – shocked that this group of people, people not even related to us, some of whom he had just met – came together and showered us with such love and such a beautiful and thoughtful gift.

This is how the Boy supports my blog. He had them all set up for their photo shoot when I got home from work the next day.

I mentioned in my 2 month recap there was a shower and there was crying.  Yeah.  I am my mother’s daughter. I tried to thank everyone. I practiced in the car for about 2 hours. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t get through it without crying.  W-day plan – find a spot on the wall and stare at it. Do not look at anyone – especially my mother.

The sentiment got through though I think.  If in 35 years the Boy and I have a kid that’s getting married and we have such a wonderful large group of people excited to come together and celebrate that kid like it was one of their own.  We’ll definitely have done something right.


4 responses

  1. Those are really nice pots. I’m jealous. Ours are not that nice.

    And the crying on the wedding day? Yeah…it’s unavoidable. When my brother got married, my mom, sister-in-law and I all cried for a week beforehand. Just make sure you tuck some tissues in your cleavage.

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