If you can’t stand the heat – don’t cry at me in January!

Not sure if you’ve heard – Ontario Eastern Canada is seeing some record highs the last couple of weeks. In the last 26 days we’ve had 6mm of rain. We should have had 51mm.  Last year during the same period of time we had 121mm. That’s a big difference.

The other night I was making dinner and looked out the door to see a few drops fall from the sky.  I shouted at the Boy “It’s raining!” He moved at break-neck speeds to verify that I wasn’t lying, and brought his iPhone just to make sure that his eyes weren’t deceiving him. We both stared in awe and wonderment.  Rain.  If feels like forever since I’ve seen you old friend.  The Boy checked his phone. He loves the radar. Sure enough – it was raining.  There was a teeny tiny pocket of rain hovering right over our house.  Beyond that – nada.

Of course it hasn’t been that long since it’s rained.  In May we had the second soggiest weather we’ve seen in 20 years with 136mm of rain over the month. It was nuts and we thought we’d never see the sun again.

The weather network assured us we were in for a long HOT dry summer.  We didn’t believe them.  I mean, who believes the weather network?

Alas, here it is.  And I love it.  I love the heat.  I love the sun. I love the sanctity of air conditioning.  This is what we hope for not just in January but from November – April.  Fingers are firmly crossed for a long hot summer. 

Well, we got what we all asked for.

Here is today’s temperature map:


That’s us at the bottom.  Where it’s so hot it’s not even red anymore.  Toronto’s projected high today is 38C or 49C with the humidity.  (That’s 120.2F for my American friends)

Luckily we live in Northern Ontario – you know where the dot is. Our high is only 36C or 46C with the humidity. (That’s only 114.8F) I’m telling you it’s like the arctic up here! 

Seriously kids, enjoy the warm but make sure to take care of your animals.  And if you find yourself about to complain – take a moment…

And think of January.


2 responses

  1. Your map doesn’t show it…but we are in the hot zone right along with you today and tomorrow is supposed to be worse.

    Personally…I freaking hate it. Give me January and freezing cold temps and snow.

    I don’t like to sweat. And I really hate when it’s so hot that you actually stop sweating. What is that?

    I promise…you won’t hear me complaining in January.

  2. Ya. Calgary its nuts all i have heard in the span of one month from people is ‘its too hot, too windy, too cold, too rainy’ there is very few days people decide its weather they are content with haha

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