Bachelor and Bacheloretting

I figure I should get this post in before my ONE MONTH TO GO update.  OMG I can’t believe this.

We are officially bachelored and bacheloretted.

I can’t show pictures… those are FAR too incriminating.  But I can tell you the basics of what went down:

For Him:

The day started early and was kicked off with a round of golf in Hamilton.

For Her:

A relaxing morning with Sista.

For Him:

A brief but apparently “awesome” boat cruise through the Toronto harbour.

For Her:

Making and dropping 50 chocolate chip cookies.

For Him:

A LOT of beer and a swim in Lake Ontario (just sayin’ there MUST have been a lot of beer involved – that water is GROSS!)

For Her:

A blind taste-test of wine.  All the girls brought their favourite bottle of red, and one for the bride (that’s me!) Sista called it “I need a drink my husband’s a dink!” party.  Now I have a bunch of drinks for when my future husband is driving me crazy! The winner – Straight Up Red!

For Him:

Checking in to the hotel – you’ll notice these boys haven’t had anything to eat yet.  Boys.

For Her:

Delicious dinner at Bistro Seven Seven in Alliston.  OMG if you are anywhere near Alliston or even if you’re not – make your way there! It is so good! (You’ll note that the girls were not crazy and DID schedule eating).

For Him:

The Bar. (Seriously I don’t know how they made it that long)

For Both:

Slumber party with great friends! Brother reported back that he learned the Boy is a “cuddler” haha!

Okay, so her bachelorette was not crazy.  There were no strippers (as far as I know there weren’t any at his either – and whether it’s true or not I’m happy to believe it!) but there was good times had by all on both sides.

We are bachelored and bacheloretted and ready for some seriously good times on September 10th!


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