Taking some time out for a travelling meat show

This past weekend I took a break from W-day madness to help out my brother we’ll call him The Brudder.

The Brudder is in the process of finishing the 4 year renovation on his house in order to sell it and move closer to the Boy and I (hooray!).  The Brudder doesn’t do details and while he LOVES demo, he doesn’t like finishing. Needless to say, there was a LOT of work.  While the boys did boy things in the kitchen like laying floor and putting together cabinets the girls did girl things upstairs including purging old clothes and dusting… lots and lots of dusting.

We got a lot done, not to say there’s still not LOTS to do – there definitely is.

In celebration we took on the town and wandered on down to the annual Guelph Rib-Fest.  Having never been to a rib-fest and also contemplating vegetarianism (or at least significantly decreasing my meat intake) this was quite the experience.

Here’s what I learned:

  1. A bloomin’ onion is HUGE and delicious, but order an extra dipping sauce.
  2. Roasted corn is also delicious but a total rip off. $4/cob? Seriously?
  3. A rib-fest is basically a travelling meat show.  Each vendor is covered in signs of towns they’ve won “best in show” at throughout this summer and last.  It’s a lot of towns. That’s a lot of meat.
  4. If you are a vegetarian Rib-Fest can still be fun and delicious.  Two words. Baked. Beans.  I thought they would just be regular ol’ baked beans. Turns out they are fabulous beans – in all the different sauces of each booth.
  5. If you are a vegetarian you could enjoy all that Rib-Fest has to offer for about $20 instead of $22/rack (multiplied by 10 vendors).
  6. Point for vegetables.

In the spirit of Rib-Fest I made up a little song.  I thought about making this my first vlog, but no dice.  I simply don’t have that kind of time. In fact you are getting a longer post because my readership (read: Brudder, Sista and Sista’s man-friend) were complaining about the lack of detail in my posts of late.  Anyway, you’ll have to put the words to whatever tune comes to mind.  The tune in my mind is country and meat festivalish.

It goes a little something like this:


Come on DOWN to the travelling meat show

We’ve got meats from all around

We take our meat from town to town

Come on Down to the travelling meat show.

Come on Down to the travelling meat show

Bloomin’ onions, fries and chow

Try the beans and you’ll say WOW!

Run on down to the travellin’ meat show.

That’s all I’ve got so far.  Maybe it should be our first dance song.

10 days left!

PS. Does this meet your standards siblings?


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