Not Yet Midnight

This is it.  Still technically the day before – though we are certainly less than 24 hours.

Less than 24 hours and I will no longer be one but a part of two. (Does that sound anti-feminist? I can’t decide… part of two doesn’t mean I give up my one does it?)

A new family member. Although he’s been a member of my family for a long time.

What is it again that’s changing here? (besides my name of course – can you tell I am still having a hard time with that one?)

Oh right.  A new family.  We will be our own family.

We’ve been a team for a long time.  Whenever the Boy is stressing out about something I say “Hey! Team W/M.  We’re a team we can do it!” Tomorrow, we upgrade.  Tomorrow we become the F-word.  We become a family.

I’ve We’ve been planning this for a lifetime 10 months, and what did I think today… if I just had one more day I would feel calmer.  I don’t need one more day.  It will come together.  It will be perfect.  Or it won’t be.  Either way at the end of the day a new family will have been born.

We didn’t practice dancing.  We haven’t really written a speech… though we’ve talked about it.  But that’s okay, we’ll be a family – not losing the ones we’ve come from but starting our own in addition to those.

How am I feeling?


Kind of.

Mostly, I keep thinking how funny it is that tomorrow is one of those BIG days – the most important of days… and I am spending the night without the one I love the most.

That feels weird.

Beyond being super excited to marry the Boy, and see him tomorrow of course, I really can’t wait for that time tomorrow when we travel from the church to the reception by ourselves, to check in with him.  How was your day?  Was it a good day?

I think that’s a good sign – right?

My mom’s cousin’s are in from Detroit, they brought my favourite Great Aunt Doreen to join in the w-day festivities.  We had Harvey’s Bristol Cream tonight as a sleep well drink… one of them was going downstairs to throw it out onto the grass as an offering to Mother Mary which would guarantee good weather and non-frizzy hair.  I love them.  And I love their love of Mother Mary. But most of all I love that my greatest concern for tomorrow is good weather and tamed hair.

22C and sunny.  I think that’s a good sign.

Sleepy Sleepy.
PS. Alyssa I haven’t forgotten you but I figured I had to tell the Boy before I told the world – it’s only fair.


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  2. I am working through your posts backwards, so I already know that things turn out smooth and you look breathtaking. It is so cute to see how jittery you are through your writing, and how different your tone is post wedding, all in a good way of course 🙂

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