New Name, New Year, New Habits?

I’ve long had a theory that the real new year is Labour Day weekend. September is back to school and even if you’re not in school, just getting back into regular routine seems to happen this time of year and that means (at least for me) kicking off some new resolutions/trying to get into better habits.  This year it will be different!

Now it seems that I’ve got myself an anniversary right around the same time so I’m hoping that each year The Boy and I will take some time to set up new goals for the year, talk about how things are going and what we’d like to do differently – marriages work like that right? HA! Spoken like a true newlywed.

Nonetheless, I can dream and in the process set some new goals for myself for this fall – let’s not get crazy and expect them to last all year!

Last week was “honeymoon” week.  We did not go on a honeymoon.  The reasons were plenty, mostly because we figured if we booked something then The Boy would get a teaching contract and we’d have to cancel – so we didn’t, and he didn’t. A close second was the number of vacation days I have a year, and still really wanting to be able to go to Florida in November.  And third, I really couldn’t imagine planning an AWESOME honeymoon, while planning the MOST AWESOME wedding.  So I didn’t.  We plan to go away in either March somewhere hot, or next summer somewhere far.  Time will tell.

Despite not having left the country for the week following w-day we did honeymoon in the sense that we did not cook for ourselves and we slept… a lot.  The Boy and I were exhausted all week – so we ordered a lot of take out and were passed out cold by 10:00 most nights.  This ends today.

Resolution #1: Gym.  I haven’t been in about a month, Charlotte probably doesn’t even remember me and I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to start again.  But I’m eager to go back – stress may have shed some serious pounds the last couple of weeks but I need to get my bum back in gear to keep them at bay.

Resolution #2: Read. I can’t tell you the last time I went to bed early and read a significant number of pages. All I know is it was a LONG time ago. There is a stack of books by my bedside and a million more racing through my head wanting to be read.  Hello old friend the book, it’s me Meaghan. I know it’s been a while but I was wondering if I could schedule some time in with you.  First up, the remainder of Eating Animals – I’m pretty sure it’s going to change my life now that I have the brain power to actually pay attention to what it says.

Resolution #3: Eat. This fall is going to be an adventure in blending.  That’s right – I we got my our very own Blendtec as a w-gift and I’ve got some plans for it.  The Boy is out being sporty at least two nights a week as it is right now. And that means I see Mmmm Sauce, and Cheezy Hummus (I need to find get this recipe from the Sista), and soups, and more in my our future.  Glorious! Meal planning and grocery lists and real food galore. Takeout ends tonight, as do meals of cookies, shrimp cocktail and popsicles circa last night’s dinner of champions!

Resolution #4: Knit. A post is coming to update you on what I’ve been knitting for the last 10 months. I’ll give you a hint, every member of our wedding party got  a hand knit item. 10 months is technically LOTS of time for 10 items, and it was… sort of. But it was also less relaxing and more a job to do. Since w-day I’ve been to two yarn stores, and made purchases both times. I’ve knit 3 tiny toques for some pending new arrivals, and I’ll remind you we’ve only been married a week. The timing couldn’t be more perfect, as the weather changes my love of knit wear grows and I can’t resist churning out items for the pure joy of it. I’m allowing myself 1 month of glorious stress free knitting before I let the Christmas crunch set in.

Resolution #5: Love. Last but certainly not least. I really want to enjoy this time both as a newlywed and as a friend. There were so many people who showed the Boy and I such love these past few months and I’d like to take the time to really say thank you and give it back to them.  And as for the Boy, I’m loving how good it feels to say husband and to hear wife.  I’m looking forward to a fall full of love and appreciation for how lucky we are to have found each other. (*I promise to stop being so sappy soon – we’re bound to get in some kind of ridiculous argument eventually!)


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  1. I totally agree with the new year starting in September. I love labour day weekend, and all that comes after it. It truly is the time of routine, and probably the best time to start getting your life together. I love your resolutions too. It is probably even a good idea to do this after Labour Day, and after New Years, just to keep ourselves in check. It sounds like you have lots of books lined up, but i have read a ton of good ones lately, so if you need any recommendations, let me know! And if you have any must reads, please send them my way!
    PS: I hope you never stop sounding sappy. It is sweet. May your newlywed mindset last for your entire marriage!

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