PC Load Letter – WTF does that mean?

My office is right by the photocopier.  Life is interesting when you work by the photocopier.  Do you know how many people take their life’s frustrations out on the photocopier? Everyone. 

All day long I listen to slamming photocopier drawers, sighing when it doesn’t work, and “who took my printing?”  But recently, as in the last week – the photocopier bangs everytime it prints. It still prints fine(ish). It just sounds like it’s the original photocopier from the beginning of time and it seems to be adding extra stress to the apparently already very stressful process of photocopying.

This is why I keep my door closed and headphones in as much as possible. It’s not because I’m anti-social (well, maybe a litte) it’s because listening to an office of 12 people yell and sigh and slam the photocopier is quite possibly the most annoying sound in the world.

Perhaps I should send out this clip from Office Space…

Too bad they probably wouldn’t get it.

Rant over.


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