What I learned the day of my wedding

To kick off Wedding Wednesdays I thought I’d kick things off with a list.

After 10 months of planning it all came down to 1 day, and while for all intents and purposes that day was PERFECT (I was married by the end of it after all and that’s really all that matters) here are 10 things that could have gone a little more perfectly had I thought of them beforehand.

  1. Turns out I have a nervous stomach.  I planned to drink a whole veggie juice for breakfast and have sandwiches for lunch, but alas – it’s hard to drink out of a glass bottle while your head is being pulled in a million directions and by the time lunch came… forget about it.  I should have brought a straw for my juice and had a snack in the car from the church to the reception that wouldn’t get in my teeth or spill anywhere… maybe cheese and crackers would have worked.
  2. A few of these tips will have to do with the dress.  To be honest I could probably do 10 things I learned about my dress on my wedding day.  But for starters I should have had the dressmakers take a picture of the back of my dress as it was on my at my final try on.  That way I could give that picture to the people putting me in the dress. As I look at the pictures of me from the wedding day I can see why I was having issues with the dress… it wasn’t on right.  It should have been lower in the back to pull up the front.  It’s fine, I still looked great and no one would have been able to notice but me, but when it came to crunch time I found I couldn’t explain how it was supposed to be in the back with adrenaline and nervous energy running through my veins while trying to get it on.
  3. Have an order for who needs to be ready when.  We just kind of went with the flow.  While it made for a very relaxed morning/early afternoon when the photographer got there I didn’t have make-up on nor did my sister.  We should have been earlier in line.  Again, not a big deal all the pictures were taken and we were relatively on time but it could have gone smoother if I had thought of that while I still had my brain.
  4. Again with the dress, have the seamstress put an extra set of loops in the corset even if they don’t do up during the fittings.  I lost significant weight in the last 48 hours before my wedding. Stress – the greatest and worst diet there is.  An extra set of just in case loops would have been helpful to keep the dress and all it ‘s glory in perfect place.
  5. Hire a day-of coordinator. My mom was awesome. She was more than awesome actually she was super fantastic.  I do not think we needed a wedding coordinator, we had a perfect day without one, but I think my mom might have relaxed a little more if we had someone else in charge the day of.  Someone that’s not so emotionally attached and wants to talk to people but can’t because they’re trying to coordinate too many things.  A day of coordinator would have made sure we had an order for who got make-up when.  Would have checked the dress. And would have handled all the clean up.  My mom did a fantastic job – I just wish she didn’t have to do it.
  6. Print out lists for boys and attach them to their foreheads.  Boys are silly.  They got where they needed to be and again everything went fine but their sense of time is a little off – especially when they are all quite hung over.
  7. Write notes for your speech.  I did write some things down, but I didn’t print them.  We did very well given our lack of practice or notes but we did forget a pretty major thank you – Thank you to everyone who traveled to be here – and there were a lot of people who traveled. I thanked everyone individually, but I forgot the formal thank you.  Oops.  Probably should have written that down.
  8. There will always be downers.  There will be people who have grumpy faces or say inappropriate things to you or your new spouse or your wedding party.  F ’em. It’s your day.  You look beautiful. You are married. That’s all that matters.
  9. Start with the side of the room that might not last all night long.  The Boy and I tried to say hi to everyone.  We tried to do it all, eat dinner and circulate the tables.  We did a pretty good job if I do say so myself, but we started on the wrong side of the room.  We started with Table 1, which was right beside the DJ, and all of our friends tables which were also on that side because they’re young and won’t care that they’re sitting beside speakers.  We didn’t even think of it.  We should have started with the other side of the room.  The friends of our parents, aunts, uncles, second cousins – the ones that may not stay on the dance floor until we kick them out at 1am.  We missed a lot of people because we started on the wrong side of the room. Shoot.
  10. Introduce your vendors to your wedding party – or maybe just tell them to leave you alone.  All of our vendors were really great with one tiny exception… they kept talking to us! I wish I had thought to say “Nice to meet you. Please direct all of your questions to any of the beautiful ladies in the gray dresses or any of the handsome gentlemen in the orange ties.  Not the tallest one, but any of the rest of them. Thank you.” Instead we fielded their questions, and while I truly appreciate them checking with us if they were unsure of anything – they could have checked in with any member of our wedding party – that’s what they’re there for.

That’s it! Seriously, if these are the worst things from the day (the vendors were too helpful? – this is not an actual problem!), it truly was a perfect day. These were simply a few things that could have been even more perfect had I thought of them ahead of time.

And since I know that I have a few future bride followers… I just thought I’d share.

Beautiful Picture from Brian Van der Pryt of Cross Hatched Productions


5 responses

  1. My, my, my… look at the way your new husband is looking at you in that picture…. PURE LOVE & ADORATION!! Huge Congrats! And also, from a seasoned event planner, your coverage and progress through the w-day event planning process was amazing! You deserve a huge pat on the back, alongside some super tasty dessert-type treat that won’t make you feel sick. 😉

  2. You guys look so in love and happy, and of course, gorgeous. These tips were great. I have stored them in my memory bank for when I get married. Although it still sounds like everything went pretty smooth, and you dealt with the inevitable, little hiccups in the best way possible 🙂

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