The reason I knit

How can you not want to knit beautiful things for these beautiful new people?

Baby toques are my new thing – they are SO easy and quick and ADORABLE because they are so little!!!

That means they make great little gifts when you’ve been a tad busy doing other things while the little ones were busy baking.

Plus if you knit – you usually get to squeeze the little. (It kinda goes without saying)

And the best part? If it’s too small their parents will be thrilled that their baby is so healthy, and a stranger you haven’t even met will love your toque your friends who leave it behind at the hospital for babies smaller than theirs.

That’s just a win/win/win

Things the Boy Says: Episode 1

The Boy is funny.  I don’t know if you realize this or not but his antics make me laugh on a regular basis. I mean obviously – I did marry him after all! To showcase The Boy’s funny side I thought I would introduce a new somewhat regular segment called Things The Boy Says, and share his quirky comments with the world.

I’m sure he’ll LOVE it!

I should have seen this comment coming, The Boy has a slightly OCD personality when it comes to having a “spot” for everything.  It’s the source of I would say 99% of our arguments.

Things the Boy says:

“I’m so jealous you get to carry a purse.  You have one convenient spot to carry everything!”

I fully realize The Boy’s comments might only be funny to me – but this one just made me ask myself:

Do you think lots of Boys are jealous of women’s purse carrying capacity?

I’m challenging you to ask your boy – does he wish he could carry a purse?

And boys ask yourselves and be honest – no one is judging here… much!

Ask away and leave your survey results in the comments!

A Gift from the Groom

Last week we found out that when a knitter gets married… there is yarn involved.  A lot of yarn.

I told the Boy when the yarn started taking over our house we first started planning that I thought it would be glorious if I knit something for everyone and he bought something for everyone.  My rationale? While I picked the girls and The Boy picked the boys, I really thought of everyone in our wedding party as supporting both of us. So wouldn’t it make sense that both of us got every member of our wedding party a little somethin’ somethin’?

I thought so.

I told the Boy that he agreed.

We debated about the Boys. The Boy wanted to get the boys watches. He thought it was something they could actually use, and that definitely appealed to him.  We started looking around and do you know what we found?  Watches are expensive.

So we went State side.  And by we I of course mean me, Sista and Mom. That’s right, the Boy was not involved in shopping for the boy gifts – but he assures me his heart was in it. Off we went, to the Fossil Outlet in Niagara, New York. And do you know what they have there? Mad deals.

While I may have made the purchase months ago do you think I remembered to take pictures of all of these beautiful watches.

Nope. I can only tell you that they were similar, but different. Just like the boys.

Luckily I also got The Boy a watch, so I was able to recreate my our mad presentation.


For the ladies, let’s be honest… the Boy had nothing to do with that either the Boy’s heart was in it.  I looked for MONTHS for funky orange purses. I looked and looked.  I found a few options on Etsy (my new favourite shopping friend) but they were pricey when I was looking at buying 5 – hey a bride needs a purse (this is a lie brides – you do not need a purse… but if you’d like one just tell everyone you need it, they’ll believe you).  It was getting down to the wire when I had a stroke of genius. Grey purses. Grey purses lined with orange.

And I found just what I was looking for at My Creative Threads

Jen was wonderful to work with! The only hiccup was I forgot to tell her that I planned on gifting the purses the week before W-day. It didn’t happen. So while I had brilliant presentation planned for the girls as well, with their mittens inside their purses.  No dice. But that’s okay, it all came in with lots of time to spare.

Here’s four out of the five…

And here’s a close up of mine

If you’ve been paying attention to this little post you might have picked up on the fact that while our gifts to our wedding party were one gift from each of us in theory, in practice… I did it.

Not that I’m looking for credit of course.

That’s not what marriage is about.

Or so I’m told.


When a Knitter Loves You

Okay blogosphere, I’ve done it. I’ve listed all of the topics/little stories that I want/need to share/remember with you/me. Was that clear? Let me explain – I’m no Pioneer Woman, (yet) and that means that this blog remains just as much for you as for me. And that is a polite way of saying, you’re going to be hearing about this wedding for a long time.

Like, probably about a year.

The good news is  I’m going to spare you and you’ll only have to read about it once a week.

The bad news is you might be really sick of hearing about it by the our one year anniversary.

The best news is you’ll feel like you were there.

I knew you’d be thrilled.

So with that warning in place – you can’t say I didn’t tell you. Let’s begin.

When a knitter gets married after the initial thoughts of dress, venue, bridal party, the next one in line is what am I going to knit? You saw the yarn ball tutorial early on. I’ll report that I did make them, and they were lovely but I didn’t overkill it – we had a lot of flowers and flowers are just as pretty as balls of yarn. Instead I brought yarn to our bridal party, and I may have bitten off a little more than I could chew… err knit.

Now, it didn’t seem like that much. Four attendants on each side + our emcee + the Boy 10 items. We had a 10 month engagement, that’s only 1 item per month. I was prepared to do even better than that, convincing myself I would have everything finished by my birthday (6 months) and then by the Boy’s birthday (7 months) and then… well let’s just say, they were all made with love but I did require some back up. (For any engaged knitters out there I will only advise that you keep in mind that while it doesn’t seem like a lot you will be doing this little thing called planning a wedding while you are trying to churn out 1 item a month.)

For the girls, my girls I slaved away and can happily report that their hand knit gifts were all made by my two hands. They were all unique just like them. And they were all made with love – I really tried not to knit on days where I was regretting the decision to make hand knit gifts for 10 people all while planning a wedding. Instead I saved the knitting for calmer days when I was happily knitting at home, at work, in the car, at my parents, at the Boy’s parents… you get the idea. Each girl got a pair of orange and grey mittens and a small bottle of knit soap so they wouldn’t ruin them the first time they throw them in the wash… SIL I’m looking at you. The cuffs and thumbs all matched so they go as a set, but each pattern was different.

For the boys, I called in some back up and luckily I had happlily obliging knitters to come to my rescue and knit up some socks. Four grey, one orange – but the orange were still on the needles during the photoshoot… which was about 24 hours before they were gifted.  Finished by May, not so much.

For The Boy, I of course knit his myself. In front of him. He even commented at one point – “Who gets those ones? They’re fancy and they have a cable. You must love that person the most.” I told him they were only fancy because I was getting bored. And while I didn’t see his face when he opened them I like to think he was surprised.

The Boy's Socks Orange and Gray fancies

So what did all that knitting amount to?

A lot of love for the bride. Of course The Boy had very little to do with this thank you so I we decided that he should gift the attendents something as well – so they would have love from each of us.

Curious? You’ll have to check back next week (see this is going to be fun!). For now, let’s all marvel at those beautiful knits. And nod our heads in recognition as to why the K1P1 page hasn’t been updated since Christmas.

One of these days when the sight of the orange and gray yarn doesn’t give me heart palpitations perhaps I’ll knit a few more sets of mittens, for myself, and the Boy, and… this is how it starts.

And so you don’t have to wait until next summer…. another w-day picture

Another beauty by West Photo

The knit wear photos are mine – sorry about the lack of artsyness, there may have been a time crunch involved.

The w-picture is from the wonderful David West.  Don’t take what’s not yours, but do call if you’re getting married!

A date in wine country

Sista and her Physicist are winos. I’m a wino too but the Boy is not. Sista and her Physicist are pros when it comes to wine country (that means they’ve been twice three times sorry Sista corrected me and demanded an errata! once to Pelee and once twice to Niagara) so this summer I let them plan the trip and we made the Boy be our DD.

He was thrilled.

Here are ten things I learned while wine tasting:

  1. There are about a million different wineries in Niagara on the Lake.Sista and the Physicist
  2. You can pick any of them and you’ll likely be delighted.
  3. Some of the wineries are owned by celebrities
  4. These do not necessarily make them good.
  5. Turns out the Boy does like wine.
  6. He just has expensive taste.
  7. You can taste the difference in dirt at Coyote’s Run
  8. You should probably go with a budget
  9. Thinking you’re not going to spend anything is delusional
  10. When you’ve decided you can only budget one fancy bottle – budget another one, especially if the second last stop is the best stop!

Seriously, we learned that you can try just about everywhere and fun will be had, but if you want to be just like me here’s where we went:

The Boy and I picked our favourite from Coyote’s Run as our expensive bottle. We decided we would save it for a special occasion. A new job.

We celebrated.

Can you believe the Boy said he didn’t think we would be opening it so soon?

Apparently he didn’t realize my awesomeness.

Go on a wine tour. Check!

YouTube Fridays Returns

I don’t know if you’ve missed YouTube Friday.  But I do know I watched this video last week and like so many other bloggers out there knew I had to share it.

I may be a week late, and many of you may have already watched this recently – but if you have you know it ‘s worth watching again.

A Warm Welcome

I know.  Today is supposed to be Wedding Wednesday.  But alas I promised my family I would show them the welcome I received on my first day of my new job.  That, and given the holiday on Monday I’m all thrown off.

It really pretty’s up the ol’ cubicle.

Day 1 report: A lot of reading… dry dry reading.  But it seems there is a giant mess for me to help fix.

I like messes.

Happy Wednesday!

Happy Thanksgiving!

This weekend in Ontario was awesome.  30C in October? Seriously? Can’t beat it.

The Boy and I had our first low key weekend together since…. I don’t even know when.  July? Maybe?  The Boy really didn’t know what to do with himself and kept trying to schedule us for something – I refused and knit my little heart out. In the sun. Glorious.

For a low key weekend we were of course busy enough catching up on all kinds of things that we’ve been ignoring – like the cleanliness of our apartment, visiting with Nanny (who has been moved to a continuing care bed just down the street from our apartment), apartment hunting, couch window-shopping, farmers marketing, and of course – eating.  That is the best part of this long weekend afterall.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, in fact I know I have but I love Thanksgiving.  It’s all about the food and the people and it’s so relaxed.  Delightful.

This year though we combined the Thanksgiving fun with some other celebrations – appropriate since it gave us a second opportunity to be extra thankful.

This year I’m thankful that today I’m starting a new job! Check that baby off the 101 listCHEERS!

And of course the Boy and I are thankful to have happily survived our first month of marriage – if it’s any indication for the rest of our lives, we’re going to rock it. Forgot to check that off the list a month agoCHEERS!

And we spent some time being thankful for a new toy and a new hobby for both of us – we got a SIGNIFICANT Camera upgrade as our wedding gift from my Mom and Dad.  And that’s right that was on my list as well –  CHEERS!

So hopefully I’ll be able to post a higher caliber of photo here in the future – for now we’re still on Auto Pilot and loving it.

Mmmm Pie.

Are you thankful for pie? Because I definitely am!

What were you feeling thankful for this weekend?


Happy 300!

Today, is my 300th post.

Turns out time really does fly.

I was going to tell you a little story about how The Boy and I spent our first weekend as a married couple away from each other and I got a series of heart-warming “I miss you” messages all weekend (he’s so sappy!) which meant that I had to forgive him for choosing not to answer the phone when I called him because the car died and I needed help trying to figure out the magic spot to futz with in order to get it going again.

Then I thought about telling you a little story about our apartment, and that we’ve added one more point to the “reasons we need to move” list – we have no heat and I slept in full flannel and wool socks on last night and refused to get out of bed this morning because it was absolutely freezing.

But instead I think I’ll dedicate my 300th post to this beautiful woman.

This is my Nanny.  And while I may have (officially) adopted 2 new grandparents a few weeks ago on W-day – she’s my original.  She’s the only one I had growing up and while the new ones are awesome and I love them dearly – no one can take the place of my Nanny.

Where would I be without my mother? Where would any of us be? We wouldn’t exist at all. And the same would be true for my mom without hers. (Of course I could keep going back but this isn’t about my great-great-great-great-great-grandmother – it’s about my Nanny).

This is obviously her on W-day.  While she looked ravishing she was in quite a bit of pain that day, and 9 short days after this picture she had a hip replacement.  She’s a trooper and is recovering slowly and still in hospital. Her biggest set back is she thinks she’s still 55 and not 86 years old! (Saying a little prayer that my skin looks that awesome at 86!) When I spoke with her the night before he surgery she was nervous but told me “I’ll be a whole new woman this time tomorrow” I told her it was probably going to be a little longer than 24 hours before she felt like a whole new woman, but she didn’t pay any attention.

And you know, that’s one of the great things about her if you think about it. While she is now horribly frustrated that she isn’t springing back like the 60-year-old in the bed across from her, or her 62-year-old neighbour down the hall in her condo – she’s a fighter, and I love that about her.

So, if you could send a positive recovering thought in the direction of my Nanny today.  As we continue to visit with her and remind her of all the work those 86-year-old hips have done over the years – it’s going to take a while,  but I have no doubt she’ll be back in action and feeling like a whole new woman soon.

Could your hips carry 10 children? I doubt it.


Happy 300th post to The Twenties Roar – (I would say cheers to 300 more… but the twenties are quickly running away from me! )

All photos from the wonderfully talented David West of West Photo – don’t take what isn’t yours, but do call him if you’re getting married in York Region!