Happy Thanksgiving!

This weekend in Ontario was awesome.  30C in October? Seriously? Can’t beat it.

The Boy and I had our first low key weekend together since…. I don’t even know when.  July? Maybe?  The Boy really didn’t know what to do with himself and kept trying to schedule us for something – I refused and knit my little heart out. In the sun. Glorious.

For a low key weekend we were of course busy enough catching up on all kinds of things that we’ve been ignoring – like the cleanliness of our apartment, visiting with Nanny (who has been moved to a continuing care bed just down the street from our apartment), apartment hunting, couch window-shopping, farmers marketing, and of course – eating.  That is the best part of this long weekend afterall.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, in fact I know I have but I love Thanksgiving.  It’s all about the food and the people and it’s so relaxed.  Delightful.

This year though we combined the Thanksgiving fun with some other celebrations – appropriate since it gave us a second opportunity to be extra thankful.

This year I’m thankful that today I’m starting a new job! Check that baby off the 101 listCHEERS!

And of course the Boy and I are thankful to have happily survived our first month of marriage – if it’s any indication for the rest of our lives, we’re going to rock it. Forgot to check that off the list a month agoCHEERS!

And we spent some time being thankful for a new toy and a new hobby for both of us – we got a SIGNIFICANT Camera upgrade as our wedding gift from my Mom and Dad.  And that’s right that was on my list as well –  CHEERS!

So hopefully I’ll be able to post a higher caliber of photo here in the future – for now we’re still on Auto Pilot and loving it.

Mmmm Pie.

Are you thankful for pie? Because I definitely am!

What were you feeling thankful for this weekend?



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